Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Just rambling

I don't have much to report so I am just going to talk of my life. As far as the crafting, I have been trying to finish a granny square blankie for hubby. The project has taken so many hours that it is getting old. I have sewed all the squares together and now I am doing the edge finishing. I will be so glad when this is done and then I can do my latch hook project. I will post the kit later. I will turn the latch hook into a pillow that can be used for a chair.

I am not looking forward for school to start as this means I have to go back to work. Things will get hectic again but this time I will make it a point to religiously post. I am impressed with all the crafting journals on this website. I have another journal on AOL but there are not many crafting journals there nor book journals. I have a separate books and movies journals on AOL if any of you are interested and you can click on the link on my sidebar.

Friday, July 22, 2005

This is a close up of the scarf I made. It is in a checkerboard pattern with blue and black stripes. Hubby wanted Air Force colors, so that is what I gave him. This scarf took many hours to complete but it was worth it. First time I ever knitted a scarf.

This is a picture of the scarf I knitted this past winter. Hubby got plenty of use out of it since it is cold here in Chicago. This is the full picture of the scarf covering my favorite teddy bear. I have my craft tote bag in the background with my current crochet project of a blankie I am making for my husband. It is with granny squares which is all sewn together and I just have to do the finishing. I will post the completed project in no time.


Sorry it has been so long that I have posted here. I was not even posting in my AOL journal for a long time. Now I am back into journalling. It was a rough but rewarding school year. Now I am just cooling out for the school year. I also thought I lost this journal and then I saw my posts were still on the dashboard. I had to have my friend help me to get them republished. I thank her so much. Now I can talk about my days and display my crafts here too. I will be back.