Saturday, July 29, 2006

Drama All For Nothing....

Ok, I have been nice and quiet too long now.....I have been a member of Kaysar's board for almost a year....a lot of us have formed a very strong friendship and bonds...just two months ago, Kaysar told us that when he goes back on Big Brother All Stars, there will be newbies on the board and all us old timers are to treat them right and not have the "cult of exclusivevlty" (mis spelling) now Kaysar is back on TV doing Big Brother All Stars and there are newbies on the board and us oldtimers have been nice to them...but hear this....are they nice to "us" way Jose....they have been rude and picking on all of us and disrespecting the mods to no I don't like to be a snitch and go to the mods on this subject even though one of them is a close friend of mine......there is another one I talk of the newbies had the nerve to say that some of us pretend to be Muslim since Kaysar is that is totally a pathectic statement....I sure do not pretend to be Muslim and I am proud of my beliefs and what they are....I am not a Muslim and why should I state to be a Muslim when I am not....I was nice to that chickie though and said "No one here is pretending, the ones who claim it seem to know the Koran and I think they do know the Koran"......I stay out of the Islamic debates anyway since I know nothing of that religion....I was taught at a young age to respect every religion.....

On a more friendly note, I found just the place for reconstructive surgery and treatment and it is the Williams Center that is headed by Dr. Edwin Williams...he has many excellent credentials and he provides excellent consultation using a computer imaging tool to explain all the details to his patients....

One of Dr. Williams' specialties include Otolaryngology meaning the ears, nose and throat with experience in rhinoplasty/nasal reconstruction and teaches advanced rhinoplasty on a national level.

Practically half of Albany Rhinoplasty practice consists of revision or extensive reconstructive nasal surgery.

One of the best features of the clinic is their 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week on-call option. That means one of their surgeons is always available for a client’s immediate need. The clinic also protects the patient’s confidentiality. Office visits and medical records remain confidential unless instructed otherwise by the patient.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Facts About Web Searches

What really interests me about search engines is the results that come up when typing in a topic of my personal choice...yes we keep hearing of the Alexa ranking that goes by popularity of a website meaning the tabulations of the number of visitors everyday....

Now I just typed in flowers in the google search page since I want to read more on flowers...yes I know I keep doind entries on flowers and I have even confirmed that I have a flower by typing in flowers, the number one result is and then the three top results are FTD, ProFlowers, and Dot Flowers.

Now Google has begun beta testing their accessible web search for the visually challenged. this type of search, is available on Google’s experimental software site at . So on Google Accessible Search, the number one site for "flowers" is This is a UK site that is very well coded and is not even on the first page of results.

Now type in "online marketing" and the number one result is and it is the same result on on Google Accessible Search. The reason for this is the company created the USWeb site in Web Standards, and it is in compliance with Web Accessibility guidelines. Now when I do a search for another term “Internet marketing”, I see that strategy pays off even more with a #2 ranking on Google Accessible Search. Also I have noticed Wikipedia pop up very high on the fist page. Interesting, right!!!! You can even see these exact same results just by doing this search.

So I see it does make sense for Google to simply apply this to their current algorithm. Creating this barrier of clean code does weed out a lot of garbage. Also the blogs are often clean code because of the their design. So blogs will start to rank much higher. Another thing I learned is that sites like .gov and .edu sites are Web Accessible compliant by very strict policies.

I think that Google Accessible Search will soon be a major addition to Google’s primary search engine. One way to take advantage of that is to make the website very accessible.

Now I will go back to talking about a popular search engine marketing firm and that would be USWeb that is now an industry leader with a proven track record in search engine optimization. USWeb will optimize websites to ensure that that website achieves and maintains high rankings for certain keywords and is in the Internet's leading search engines and directories that includes Google, Inktomi, Yahoo, AOL, MSN.

How To Make More Dividends

One thing about buying stocks is that one does not have to rely on dividend paying stocks to make dividend like income in the portfolio. The investor can easily make an extra 5%, 10% or more over a one year time period. There are some large companies out there that seem to never pay dividends. Loyal shareholders tend to stay with these stocks while the companies sit on billions of dollars in cash. The truth is that some companies may never pay dividends. They tend to use profits to fund acquisitions, aggressive research programs, or as rainy day reserves. There are investors who don't want to sell their stock but would like to raise some cash. There are hundreds of shares of stock, maybe thousands, that sit in investors' portfolios and those shares could be putting stacks of cash in their owners' pockets.

It is now easier than ever to squeeze dividend-like income from non-dividend paying stocks. What happens is that most stocks offer publicly traded options. One can make these transactions with the broker that is similar to buying and selling stocks. A call option gives another investor the right to buy shares at a price that can be set anytime before a certain date. That way a premium can be collected by selling the call and the investor then gets the premium, in cash, on the day the option is sold.

Options trading is another stategy.

The very heavily-traded stocks include Microsoft (MSFT), Google (GOOG), and Ebay (EBAY). Option premiums fluctuate but the examples below illustrate returns whatever one might expect over the period shown for every thousand shares of the stock. It is easy to sell options each month, up to 12 times a year, after they expire. It's not unusual to see return rates of 12% over sixty days, which works out to an astounding 72% annual return just on stocks that one has in the portfolio. Of course brokerage commissions and taxes will affect actual returns. Along with a complete suite of educational materials and premium toll-free customer support, PowerOptions provides the essential data needed to invest with stock options. Their patented SmartSearchXL® technology is not available anywhere else. It's the best way to Find, Compare, Analyze, and Make Money On Stock Option Trading.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ways To Keep The Computer Clean....

This is always a number one concern for all of us since now we all depend on our PCs for a lot of things whether it is fun things or business.

I found a new site where they sell excellent software site where they sell downloads for the System Cleaner that is used for defragging, cleaning, optimizing, removing invalid and error producing entries, and a privacy protector. This is the site to visit and try their products; .

Yes, you can now buy the registry cleaner and defragger as well as the Internet accelerator where you can have more speed on your web browsing experience. The privacy protector gets rid of unwanted clutter and keeps information secure. Then there is the startup manager that controls which programs are executed at Windows startup. The Internet extension manager manages browser extensions and diagnoses and resolves conflicts by temporarily disabling them. The disk space explorer displays hard disk usage and analyzes which area take most space on the disk.

Other side benefits of this site is the support section as well as a blog where they give updates on what to look for as far as using their products as well as behind the scenes news. The bargains on this site are also excellent.

Trouble In The Garden....

This is my first year gardening since we moved here and I had to have space dug out for garden beds..ok so one would think that is a clean and fresh start although there are always hidden problems....there will always be weeds and then what if a squirrel buries something...

Now half my flower seeds never came up but the ones that did really look beautiful and I have some pictures posted in my garden blog.

Now I find out from the gardening forum that there are unwanted trees in my garden...they just sprouted last month and already they are a waist high and when I posted pics yesterday...several people came forward and stated that those were pecan I am wondering how did those get in the garden since I have no pecan trees nor know anyone with those....they told me that a squirrel could have buried the seeds or a neighbor may have dropped one and the squirrel found it and buried it there....

Now I have to trim those down and wait until the season is over so I can pour the poison....another huge headache......

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My White Castle Story

I sometimes get hungry late at night so then I decide I want a White Castle. I love their slyders. Two of my favorite slyders are the cheeseburger and the fish with cheese. I love cheeseburgers as it stands and I also love fish sandwiches.

Believe it or not, the slyders are also nutritious as I found out from this following website . They are low in carbs and calories which is good for those who want to lose weight. I also have a White Castle conveniently located near me. They have won me as a lifetime customer. I highly recommend this place for sandwiches and to have their slyders.

Downloading Music....

I first started with Napster and then found there were not many songs as some of the other companies have and that I was paying a lot more so I switched to Frostwire and got a much better deal and I have more songs that I can download.

Now the catch to downloading is that one has to have the artist or the song title and as I found out last night, even that was not enough.

Now there was a scene in the movie City By The Sea that had a restaurant scene and the jukebox was playing something from the 1950s and I never knew the name of it, so I just did a soundtrack search for City By The Sea and then found it and when I typed it in my search for the music downloading nothing valid came up. So I had to do some more sleuthing until I could come up with more information and then my search finally proved fruitful.

Now I have to get my iPod.

An Easy Business To Run

If anyone wants an easy and fun business to run as well as with very little investment, is the way to go since all there is to buy is the button making maching along with some designs that one may be interested in putting on their buttons.

Now if I went along with this, I would love to have a few designs like "Save Our Trees", "Stop Global Warming", "Deflate Gas Prices", "Buy American Made Items" and "Say No To Drugs". These are a just a few of the examples I have mentioned. The list can go one. By going to this website, there is a demo of how to use the machine: Button Maker . One gets to see how the buttons are made and there is an online catalog listed there along with the shopping cart feature. Then another useful website just to get ideas would be . That website has many designs to choose from and it is easy to get creative with that.

There are no limits as to what type of buttons to make and the possibilities are endless. If one just wants to put graphics on there, that is a big possibility and buttons are also used to convey messages as well. They can be used to sell or just to give away to family and friends.

Another good part about this is it seems like a fun money maker and it looks like a big profit maker as well.

BB Nominations And Veto

The other day James who is the HOH this week nominated Will (the doctor who won back in BB2) and George. Will claimes he wants to go home but who is going to believe him? George was nominated since they think he is sneaky.

They just showed the veto contest and George won the veto so he took himself off the block and now Jase was put on the block. He is not at all happy that he may be going home. He was pretty sneaky his own season and Nakomis got him out that year and so the BB6 people are leary as far as keeping him in the game.

They need to know that Dani and Marcellas are both playing both sides.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Biased Decisions In The Paralympic Committee

Nancy Burpee who is a world class swimmer made an attempt to participate in the 2004 Paralympic Games that was held in Athens, Greece since the United States team was selected at the US Olmpic trials. Ms. Burpee already had world records in the 50 and 100 yard freestyle at the trials held in Minnesota.

Now here is the catch, Ms. Burpee was disqualified by an Australian referee on a procedural techicality. After her disqualification, Ms. Burpee called Mr. Kevin Simmons, who is a partner at Simmons, Jannace, & Stagg and asked the law firm to intercede on her behalf to veto the disqualification. She also asked that the firm take action against the United States Olympic Committee to require that the committee name her to the Olmpic team. The law firm represented Ms. Burpee on a pro bono basis.

The law firm then began arbitration under the United States Olympic Committee Rules and live testimony was taken from swim referees in Canada and Australia. Simmons, Jannace & Stagg stated that the Australian referee showed bias against Ms. Burpee by making various comments meaning that this Australian referee did not want Ms. Burpee competing against an Australian paralympic swimmer. The law firm also stated that the United States Paralympic swim trials were not held in accordance with the paralympic rules.

Unfortunately even with all these efforts, an independent arbitrator ruled against Ms. Burpee and declined to force the United States Olympic Committee to name her to the Paralympic Team. Ms. Burpee has moved on and is continuing with her swimming career and will compete in the World Championships in the upcoming year.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Another Vacation To Plan.....

I know I have mentioned Florida many times and yes I don't ever get it out of my mind since I have always loved going there just to get a break....

Now I love Disney World and I plan to one day see the whole place that can no longer be covered in a whole day like it use to be....

Let me just get my frequent flyer miles and then spend them on flying to Orlando and I can do that the next time they have the poetry convention in Orlando since I am always submitting my poetry to them and they keep sending me these plans....

Now to hit two birds with one stone, I can see Disney World and to save money on lodging, I can instead do without a hotel and stay in one of their rental condos that save quite a bit of money...yes that is me always looking for ways to save and yet have a great time.....these condos have one to three bedroom and you would be paying that same amount for a hotel room...these also have benefits for the whole at you will notice they have the Sheraton Vistana Resort that offers special pricing...then at the Liki Tiki Village, they have an onsite water park for the that is very tempting since I am a water park fan....

New HOH Contest.....

As we know Nakomis got evicted last night and now Diane is there and do I ever know that if she ever wins HOH, she will go after Kaysar and the other S6ers since people never forget that they were nominated....she is also a friend of Nakomis so I know she is not happy that Nak is gone....In my opinion even though Kaysar stated that he though Nak is a good player, she was just being a floater this season and they need to get rid of the floaters....

I mean like play the game or Kaysar made a deal with chilltown that he won't nominate them if just in case one of them got HOH, they put up the floaters but are they going to do it? No, since Mike and Will know not to win HOH....Will plans to skate this season thinking that is how he will win.....

I say we get rid of chilltown....but since James won the HOH, he may not put them up.....

Restyling Wardrobe Within One's Budget.....

I am fashion crazy whether I look the part or not.....Janelle Pierzina may have a lot more money then a lot of soccer moms but I have seen some very very sharp looking soccer moms.....

Now if I really want to dress like Angelina Jolie, I can draw circles around her and for a lot less money....since I even design my own clothese more than buy them, I can dress better than her LOL!!!

Guess what!!!! Forget that you cannot afford her clothes, you can still dress a lot better than her whether you design your clothes or not...

Just go over to and they play very nice music and it is a very easy tour there and you will find that you can get a complete wardrobe revamp for all under $500.00 and that is right...that is the figure they give and you can be guaranteed that you will look better than a lot of your favorite celebs...

You can also get a makeover and there are several testimonials on their website as well as a photo gallery on the before and after.....

Now I know what to do when I have my first $500.00 saved up and then yes I will make a reservation and you can have that done just by providing your email address and what you would like done...

BB 7 Scandal exposed....

Now I have heard this from many sources and I never knew of this name until a couple of days ago since when is there time for me to be a reality TV junkie not that there is nothing with fact, I wish I could see all the reality shows....

Now whoever thought that someone who is not in the BB7 house and never was in the show BB would impact this season's game...that is right and this is coming from joker's update....Toni Ferrari who has been on other reality shows once roomed with Diane Henry and it has been confirmed by both parties that they are no longer how does Toni Ferrari handle this but call up all the S6ers and tell them that Jase and Diane have the Mr. and Mrs. Smith alliance....

Now let us all remember that Jase showed back in his own season that he had an obsession with Brad Pitt and wanted to be just like the other HGs in this season suspect the secret alliance since they are never seen in the house speaking to one another so they are all suspicious and feel just like what Danielle from BB5 stated "Yes, it is the Mr. and Mrs. Smith Alliance."....Janelle also confirmed she got a phone call from Ms. Ferrari.....

Interesting how all these twist come in this show.....

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

History Of Aurora and DeKalb

Just the other day, I went to visit DeKalb since I like to go there for nostalgia and I once did live there a while back. I hadn't visited there in a while so I drove there the other day and spent a few hours there. I still think it is a very pretty and quaint little town. Northern Illinois University is located there and it is the barbed wire capitol of the world. There are a lot of old homes there and do I ever wish that I could own them.

What did I end up doing was checking out their real estate listings and and house prices and I saw it costs more to buy a home there than what it costs where I live to own a home and I don't live in a shack. LOL!!!! Now I was not really serious about moving to DeKalb, I just wanted to see how much their houses costs there and what all is available.

Now there is another town close by to DeKalb but it is in other counties (Kane, DuPage, Will, and Kendall all combined) instead of DeKalb county. It is The City Of Aurora that was founded in 1834 and then in 1837 it was incorporated into a city when their Post Office was established. Aurora is also called "The City Of Lights" because it is the first city in the United States to use electric street lights so within 15 miles of each other we see a lot history. Aurora is 45 miles southwest of Chicago and I just mentioned the street lights and then DeKalb is 60 miles west of Chicago and invented the barbed wire. DeKalb was also founded in the mid 1800s and has retained some of their old buildings.

Aurora now has a population of over 157,000 and houses six school districts and has two community colleges; college of DuPage being one of them.

The real estate market for Aurora includes condos, townhouses, single family houses and more. Single family properties have been sold for last year in the price range of $56,100 to $975,000. The condos and townhouses have ranged from $52,000 to $578,000. This is similar to prices with a Chicago Realtor .

Aurora is closest to the Fox Valley Park District. The Park Disrict covers 47 square miles of land and three different towns including Aurora. The Fox Valley Park District has golf courses, an aquatic center and a few fitness centers, plus much more.

Aurora also has a zoo that is open daily with free admission.

Who Wants A Free iPod?

Now we are all into downloading music in a legit way off course since I know I paid for my membership and I off course want to download it to an outside source since my membership will expire next year. Now we all want iPods and there are so many "free iPod" offers out there but I have even noticed myself that there is a lot of fine print and one has to go climb a lot of fences and/or refer friends and I know one thing and that is that I cannot even give away anything much less refer someone else.

There finally is a site where there are no strings attached. Just go to Gulfstream Internet Group and enter your name and address and you are registered to win a free iPod. I just registered there myself. They give away a free iPod everyday and there is nothing to buy and no credit card needed and you don't have to refer friends. There is still an option to earn a free option by completing offers, taking surveys, or just printing coupons which are very useful.

Gulfstream Internet Group is the parent company of and they have been in business for seven years. They have given away over a thousand iPods so far.

Some search terms include iPod, mp3, and music download. Once again here is the site to visit,

Big Brother All Star Pay Rate....

Ok, I just found this out at a Reality Show online site that this year, all 20 of the BB all stars who wanted in recieved $7,000 and yes that includes the ones who never made it in the house.

Now the ones who made it in the house all are recieving $2,000 a week and once they go to the sequester house they will recieve $5,000 a week. so let us get our calculators out and figure the first one in the sequester house will get this $7,000 + ($2,000 x 6) + ($5,000 x 6) = $7,000 + $12,000 + $30,000 = $49,000 TOTAL

Ladies and gentlemen, that is a lot more than what a half the population in this country make a year. Now let us figure out for those who are only in sequester for a week. $7,000 + ($2,000 x 11) + ($5,000 x 1) = $7,000 + $22,000 + $5,000 = $34,000

That is still a lot of money for what, sitting around all day for three months and just talking and lying and playing.

Talk about being born with a silver spoon in one's least I appreciate everything I get since I work for everything I have and will always touch in my life.

For All New College Graduates

Do any of you have children who have just graduated from college or are you a recent graduate yourself? If so, I have found just the perfect site to visit for getting jobs. The site is for entry level jobs and internships and therefore it is one major feature that makes it so fitting for a recent graduate to be hired.

It is also the highest traffic career site used by not only job hunting students and recent graduates but also employers who want to hire them. Once I make my career change, I will also post my resume there since I have that much faith in that site. I browsed there and I was very impressed by the fact that it is easy to find answers there and they are eager to help. So, if you're a college student or recent graduate, then is a great place to find entry level jobs and internships. Once again here is the website,

America Has Got Talent....

I find this show to be somewhat boring....I loved it the first two weeks but then when I see how some of the contestants get treated by one of the judges who will remain unamed, I start to wonder well wait a second how many people out there have the nerve not only to get on stage and perform something they are passionate about but also on public TV when so many are watching.

To me, this is just an Hollywood version of the Gong show. I never did believe in the Gong show since I feel everyone should have a fair chance to perform their acts.

Online Education

In today's day economy, it is now more important than ever to have more education than before. Competition is thougher than before and the higher the education and qualifications, the better chances of hiring. That means for many to go back and enroll in college courses to get a Bachelors degree or finish their degree requirements and in many cases go for a Masters degree since a Masters degree is now very marketable especially an MBA or a Masters in Health Care.

Many people had a hard time going back for college courses before of many factors like being tired after working a nine to five shift and then having to go to class, spending late nights and weekends doing homework and studying for tests, studying for finals when Holiday season preparations are a must and also trying to raise a family. Now there is a solution to all this.

One trend that is growing rapidly more than ever is online education and training. I can easily vouch for online courses since I once took many courses through my local online university. There are so many benefits and advantages to this. One is you don't have to worry about attending class two to three times a week or even every night like it use to be. You can now just log in and get the assignments and do your homework and work on your own schedule. When I took online courses, I made all As with flying colors. I was also in constant communcations with my instructor and my classmates since there were many group assignments we did just by communicating on the Internet and submitting them on the site.

Now University Of Phoenix has been offering online courses for quite a few years now and they offer a variety of programs whether you want a Bachelor's degree, Masters, or even a PhD. Certificate programs are also available. The programs available cover Business, Education, Health Care, Criminal Justice just to name a few.

Other online universities also include Colorado Tech, Devry, and Keller. Their tuition rates are lower and one can get a federal grant, loans, or scholarships. One can just get started simply by doing a search on schools and do a search by name, zip code, and degree or program and a counselor will contact you and start the application right away.

Once accepted, the program will be close to beginning or just about to begin and you can study at your own pace and yet finish in a good timing. Classes start every 4 to 8 weeks.

Here is a good website to check and browse,

Peace In The Woods....

Let the deer roam the woods.
Let the rabbits roam the woods.
Let the squirrels roam the woods.
Let the birds fly through the woods.

Instead of bullets, use paintball.
Paintballs don't injure.
Out comes the paint.
It hits the trees.

The paint shines in the light.
Maybe glows in the dark.
Never hit the animals.
Just aim for the coats.

The best sport.
A most fun game.
Good outdoor exercise.
A fun nature hobby.

Sleep at night.
Paint in the light.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Computers And Electronics Are Very Easy.

I admit I learned computers and electronics at a very early age so nothing every intimidated about neither but for my mother and others in her age group, it gets hard for them to learn and to get acclimated to so I never mind showing them. For my DH's parents who have never owned a computer and the first amount of high sums I get in the bank, I will buy them a home PC and teach them everything.

Now DH's mother told me just the other day that digital cameras intimade her and I showed her how to use it and how easy it is. High tech is pretty much taking over so I feel we should all learn and it is not hard and there are many tutorials on the Internet available. Here is one site that speaks of high tech items, high tech gadgets . Then here is the main site for the tutorials, . It is a great site for all newbies.

I do much of my research on the computer and I learn many things just reading online and then learning about all the new gadgets available.

Power Of Veto

I watched another episode of Big Brother tonight. I don't get the live feeds off course since I need to focus on other things in my life. Whatever happened on the show tonight all took place in the last few days so everything was a surprise to me tonight.

Now Kaysar who is this week's HOH nominated Diane and Nakomis to go on the block and I don't get it since Chilltown is out to get him but he makes a deal with them telling them that if he does not put them up, they (Chilltown gets the floaters if they end up winning HOH).

The two girls are very upset. They were both crying. I kind of feel that this is all the friendship again and that Kaysar thinks those girls are the friendship which in no way they are not. Now I have always respected Kaysar, but I wish he didn't put those two up for nominations.

They showed the POV (Power Of Veto) game and ceremony and Erika won POV and guess what she decided not to use it meaning that Nakomis and Diane are still up of nominations and one of them leaves this week. My heart just aches for those two ladies even though I have always respected Kaysar and still do but he seemed so ruthless this past week.

Just my hard feelings.....

Place To Test Software

Now with so many websites and online companies in business it is important than ever to keep on top of the software that runs on the website to make sure nothing ever crashes. Many factors have to come into consideration in running a software, quality assurance is one of them, bugs are another thing since that can make the make the website inaccessible to many meaning that it will reduce clients and business.

This is the main reason why several companies that launch first put their program in Beta testing. Now you may wonder what Beta testing is. That is when a company first launces, they have to get a feel on what the feedback will be meaning not only how many visitors get to their site and how much bandwidth that site can handle but also if the visitors and clients can log in and utilize the website to the best of the capacity. In the event that there is not enough bandwidth nor capacity in the software to handle all the visitors, changes can be made in the program and bugs can be corrected to fix the problem thus one of the reasons for calling it Beta testing.

I took some computer courses in college and that was back when Fortran, Basic, and Cobol were the main languages and I did very well in those courses. I was able to use the knowledge I learned in those courses to work in a business environment and that was off course before the majority of the population had PCs at home much less the Internet.

My job was to not only help write the program but to help run a test thus running quality assurance and then get it approved before it was used in the company.

Now there is an online company that can run a test on a software to save a business plenty of time versus spending hours running tests on the software and it is located here, they will provide the quality assurance needed as well as the test run Beta. I am glad to know that if I need a software to use for an online business, that would definitely be the way for me to go.


I don't know how many of you get into computer games but I love them and one of my favorites is Insaniquarium. For those of you who are not familiar with this game or never heard of it, this is how it plays...

It is one of Yahoo's favorites and you can either download it or play it at the web but I play mine at the website. What you do it click to feed two fishes that are given to you initially. Meantime you have to click on coins before they drop to the bottom to earn money. Then after you earn money, you can then buy better quality food and it is very important to keep your fish fed since they will die fast and once all your fish are dead, you are back to square one.

Now as you can buy a carnivore that gives you more points since they drop crystals and give you more money and you have to feed them by buying guppies and meantime when the aliens or monsters come, you have to kill them before they eat all your fish.

As you advance to each level you are given more opportunities and pets and you can make even more money.

This game is very addicting.

Renting Office Space For Home Business

I found out about an interesting contest that is having and the prizes are very worthwhile. For those who don't know what is a website that offers Short-Term Flexible Office Space and they have extensive information available at their website that you can get to just by clicking on the following link,

They have been an established business since 1999 and have helped thousands of businesses find mostly small, short-term, ready-to-use office space. A large percent of their clients are Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies but they still help at least 13 million home-based businessmen and businesswomen succeed from the home office to the "real" office.

Many people may disagree with this but several people who tried working from home have found out that working from home is not always the solution that they were led to believe it was. The company,, found out the extent of how many thousands of people were disappointed when they entered their recently ended Home Office From H*** contest. Since the contest was very successful and very popular as well, they will now be running it on an annual basis instead. The second annual Home Office From H*** contest will begin in the Fall. There is off course a grand prize of 12 months of rent (up to $12,000) at any location posted on our site. This year they will be adding additional prizes, including a paid trip to New York City to have lunch with a well-known business personality, who will answer the winner's most pressing business questions. That makes it very worthwhile to me to participate and I highly recommend others to compete since everyone would love to meet with somebody very important and get business tips.

They currently write a monthly column for in their One-Person Resource Center and they will soon be writing for several other business publications/websites. I will keep all of you posted on this and keep checking their website for more details on this.

Superman Return

I had taped all the first four movies of this back when I had HBO many moons ago and then the ever beloved star of that movie had that horrendous accident and passed on which was one of the saddest days not only for Hollywood but for this country as well.

Then they found someone they thought looked like Christopher Reeve and have him do the Superman movie titling it Superman Returns and yes it is a very fitting title. Since that can be interpreted many different ways and I took it at first that yes Superman did die since we lost Christopher Reeve and then Superman comes back in someone else.

There is off course a Lex Luther in this just like what is Batman without the Joker...then there is Lois Lane and if you have not seen this movie, I have to tell you that you are in for some surprises. There are some sad scenes in this and when they played the theme song, I must say it was like hearing the ghost of Superman.

I saw this in a 3D IMAX for the maximum effects and just loved it and the previews to other movies were also in 3D. The whole movie is not in 3D, it is just certain scenes and you see a signal on the screen when it is time to put your glasses on.

Yes, I say this movie was not only worth my time but worth driving all the way several towns over to see it in 3D IMAX.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Vacation Home In Orlando....

I have been doing entries on vacations on some of my other blogs and I thought I would cover Orlando again since I have been there many times and they do get more visitors each year than the population of California. It is considered the number one tourist destination in the world.

There are over 7 major theme parks in Orlando and many hotels as well. It continues to be one of the fastest growing communities in the world. A major part of the Orlando economy is the tourist industry which is worth billions of dollars to that area's economy. Orlando has many opportunities in the tourist industry.

Orlando is also a great place to raise a family. All of their seven counties offer a wide range of life styles for all different ages. It varies from upscale yuppie neighborhoods to gold course communities to the old fashioned towns as well as the rural communities. For those who want the urban lifestle, downtown Orlando is the way to go and it is a mixture of historic homes and luxury condos that have a great view of the city.

There are many places for a great vacation home Orlando since it is place for leisure after a hard year of work. For tourists, there are exciting theme parks and nice sandy beaches. Orlando has something for everyone. Not too far from Orlando is a nice countryside looking and feeling like the UK countryside with their rolling hills and Oak trees. There are also many good stores for the shoppers.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

More Than Just A Vacation....

If you are like most people, you love vacations as that is the time you can be most relaxed, but how about the ideal and unique vacation that involves more than just flying to a beach. How about a vacation where you can have an artist retreat or take yoga lessons...wouldn't that be great...Now it is possible if you check out this website at and see what they have to offer. Infohub has been in business since 1996 and they bring the largest travel portal on the Internet.

Just by checking their website out, you will find over 14,000 specialty trips covering many types of activities and trips you never knew existed. They also keep adding hundreds of out of the ordinary trips every month. Their goal is to make themselves "The Ultimate Source of Inspiring Travel Ideas" for everyone's next dream trip and "The Largest specialty travel portal on the Internet".

They connect you directly to the supplier so that you can get teh best price and service. There is also an active online forum to ask questions and get advice. You will also recieve discounts as an InfoHub member from many suppliers.

There is also a travel quiz just for fun. You can take trips as well for canoeing, kayaking, sailing or scouba diving. I would love to go to Italy to paint in Italy and learn the language as well as history of Italy. I am a history buff myself so I love taking trips for learning history and my dream trip one day like I stated is painting in Italy and learning the language. I had two years of French in high school so I would like to go there as well for the purpose of history and for their fine cousine and therefor learning certain recipes.

My First Scanning.....

Over a year ago, I signed up and applied for a home scanning program and it took them over a year to get back to me...

I got the call over a month ago asking me if I was still interested and I said sure I really want to do it.

Well, I just got the scanner the other day and I finally scanned my groceries today and transmitted and I still have to hear from them since according to the website it does not state my last transmission so maybe it takes time.

Once I accumalate enough points, I can redeem them for prizes from anything from a digital camera to a camping tent or a toolbox, blender, or just cookware. There are just so many things in there and I will have fun with this.

I would like to get the woodworking set so that I can make window boxes for a garden next year since I would love to plant along the windows.

Let's Look For Ideas

What do I like to blog about and get paid for it, the subjects are many and I love to blog about so many things. Now I can blog about my family and good things to do as a family and there are so many family activities...the list is just endless. I blog about my job whether it is my home job or my out of the house job....I may talk of the troubles I had that day of the out of the house job since it does get stressful there...I never have stress at my home job.....

I blog about my hobbies and what I am making...if you want to know my hobbies, just read my profile and I have a list there...I blog about books I read and movies I saw.....I also blog about television shows whether it is Ghost Whisperer or Big Brother.....

I also blog about my friends who mean a lot to me whether those are friends I meet online or locally...I also blog about my daily life at times...It is interesting to note how this one blog started out when I first opened it two years ago and it was meant to be just about my crafts and books since it is titled "'Ramblings Of A Crafter" and then it changed to another format when I started blogging for this one company many moons ago and I just started blogging for another company as well and it is just great for me since I love to is the company I just start blogging for.... They have so many endless opportunities there and it is great working for them.

Now I will state the three of my most favorite topics I love to blog about. One is food and restaurants since I love to go out to eat with my friends and family and I love to talk about my dining experience and it is great to share that with others and if they have a restaurant like that in their area, I can recommend they try it. I also love sharing recipes and menu ideas. It is great to gain information that way as well and share what I know with others.

Another favorite topic is games and hobbies since I have many hobbies like writing, crafts, and photography. I love to share that with others and exchange patterns as well. I also play computer games when I get the time. I love talking about these computer games. I love those DOS games like Arctic Adventure and Pharoahs Tomb with that cute little man.

Then I love to blog about special events since I want to keep track of what is going on locally and give others theater recommendations and get that information for others as well. I love to blog about it and give advice to others.

What Do I Do For A Living....

I get asked that at times and I was substitute teaching for the last few years and I plan to get my days cut back so I can concentrate on other things. I have a college degee in Math but did I ever use it? I guess I did at times when I subbed but did the kids let me teach, I don't think so as for them sub day means playtime......

I also have a travel agent diploma and a paralegal diploma but I never worked as a travel agent nor as a paralegal...I only took the paralegal course since I once thought of becoming a lawyer.

Now I am making some income just working out of my home. I use to autosurf and play with hypes until the problem with 12 daily pro and stormpay happened way back when and a whole bunch of us lost our monies and we even had to close our bank accounts since stormpay was going into a lot of people's accounts and taking money out of there. I wonder what happened to those who were making a living off 12 dp since Charis scammed everyone and tried to cover her behind.

Now I just do free PTRs meaning reading emails and filling out offers and then get a check...I haven't reached payout yet....

I blog for money too with google adsense and two other companies as well.

Meantime I am working on a novel that will be published late next year.....

Friday, July 14, 2006

A Wonderful Source For Great Quotes

Since I share a great love for literature and I am also very spiritual, I love quotes no matter who it originated from. I found a great website where I can read quotes and they have highly motivational and inspirational quotes. Those quotes give me quite a bit to think about. Since I know all of you can use a lot of motivation, here is the wonderful website where you can read all the quotes you want, it is right here,

They have religious quotes, quotes for birthdays, Easter quotes, Christmas quotes, and quotes for pets among many other types.

I checked out the gardening quotes since I love to do gardening and I will state certain quotes from that section here..

One is "Dear old garden of long ago
Part of my childhood memories
Hollyhocks nod in your farthest row
Under the linden tress" This is by Bessie Sherman.

Another quote is this "I tend my flowers for thee" by the ever popular Emily Dickinson who I have always loved reading.

There is more than enough quotes there to keep you going and to keep you motivated, inspired and give you many thoughts to ponder and think about.

More Craft Projects

I belong to this one Yahoo group on the Internet that my friend runs and it is called the Butterflies and Bunnies group and it is a cross stitch group. They have stitch alongs and I remember I started working on an angel and it is being done on linen. The pattern is pictured on the left.

I never cross stitched on linen before so it was quite a challenge for me but one problem...I haven't finished it yet since I get side tracked by other projects and my DH wanted me to work on his afghan and finish it. The only picture I have of it is the granny squares and of the afghan wrapped around him. I will just post the one with the granny squares so that everyone has an idea of what the afghan looks like. The photo on the top right side has the squared from a Christmas afghan ( I haven't finished it yet) wrapped around the teddy bear and the granny square that is on the Tweetybird is the one that belong to the afghan I completed for my DH.

I was also cross stitching a bear pattern and that too was done on linen. I was getting much of my work done on stitchers night at this local cross stitch shop and it closed recently after almost being in business for 2o years. That was pretty sad since not only was it a great shop but the stitchers nights were great night to get together with friends and also the owner always treated us to pizzas that night and we could bring snacks as well. I always brought salsa and nachos that everyone loved.

Another Humor Site On The Internet.

When I need a break, I like to go to fun sites on the computer and I not only love jokes but I love games as well and the more challenging the game the better. I found a really great site on the web that not only has humor on it but there are also games there.

The name of this website is buzz humor and it is located here .

There is pages of jokes on there and I just read some very funny ones. If you want to share those jokes with others, there is a feature on there where you can just email the joke to another friend just from their site instead of copying and pasting.

Some of the jokes are on audio and they are very funny and there are also funny videos on there.

The game section is great for me since they have sudoku and I love that game since yes I am an addict of that game. I also like collapse.

Registration is free at this site and you are on your way to just having fun for free. It does not cost anything to join this site. If you want a newsletter emailed to you, you can sign up for that as well. There is no catch to visiting and joining this site.

A New Sweater...

I know I haven't talked about my crafts in a while so here goes one entry on it...Last month I started a new sweater that is multi-colored and it is in circular knitting so it is quite a fun project. Not only using so many colors makes this project challenging but it is the variety of patterns used in this and that I use a very small yarn.

I got this pattern from a magazine called Cast On and it is a back issue from 1999 and I am so glad I saved it. I always save all these back issues since they come in handy....

I haven't been working on it for the last two weeks since I needed a break from the small knitting. I also need to spend time with the family as well.

I ordered one beading book today since I do want to get back into beadwork. This book covers on doing beadwork to make presents for others and I can even market my products.

Public Transportation In San Fransisco

Since I love to write, I do research as well and one of things I always research about is travel ideas since I know many people love to travel and I like to share what I have learned. I have some distant relatives who live near that area and I hope to make it there someday and I would highly recommend others to visit there.

There is excellent transportation as far as travel to and from the airport. For more information on this you can visit the following website at That website has been in existance since 1996 and they provide transportation and travel information to both the locals and the visitors. I find that website very helpful and will look up more information in the future.

This website will add more information as far as knowledge about airport shuttles and limousine services. This will avoid having to make so many telephone calls to get route and service schedule and for those who want to use a limousine can go ahead and reserve one ahead of time and there will be a car waiting for you when you reach San Fransisco and for those who want to take the shuttle, you can have an idea to pace yourself so you can settle down once you reach there.

There is also other additional information available at this website that is very helpful.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

More New Changes In Hair Restoration

I sometimes do entries on how these celebs look so good inspite of their age and with the men, one of concerns is hair loss. I read about one doctor who specializes in hair transplants and his name is Dr. Pistone and all the information about him is available at . Dr. Pistone guarantees to give back his patient’s natural hair and natural hairline using simple, safe, and affordable hair transplant methods. He not only guarantees 100 percent growth but also if there are any follicular units not growing as expected, he’ll redo them at no additional charge.

Dr. Pistone takes pride in the natural "look" he gives to his clients. He has his patient’s own hairs regrow along his or her own hairlines and that is one of the factors that provide the natural look. Dr. Pistone is concerned with restoring hair and bringing back the pride and self-confidence of his clients that should happen with those who are condidering hair tranplants.

Dr. Pistone is not affiliated with a hair clinic or a franchise. He is known for his experience, skill, artistry and ethics. Dr. Pistone also has double board-certification in both Surgical Hair Restoration and Dermatology. The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons for professional and ethical excellence recognizes Dr. Pistone as one among 40 elite hair surgeons worldwide. He has done over 6,000 procedures, established the benchmark in the hair restoration field from New Jersey Hair Restoration and Hair Transplant Philadelphia to Connecticut Hair Restoration and Hair Loss Maryland. Dr. Pistone is known as the leader in restorative hair surgery.

Dr. Pistone uses the most advanced techniques and revolutionary procedures such as the Stereo-Microscopic Hair Transplantation. His clients also recieve latest hair transplant technology and shorter recovery time and safer solutions for permanent healthy hair. It is always important for a patient to get as much information as possible in order to make an informed decision. It is important to establish a ‘relationship’ since treatment for a hair transplant can often take months to reach completion.

Dr. Pistone has a highly experienced team of qualified doctors and nurses who are all experts in handling confidentiality as well as giving clear and direct responses to patients’ questions. Just by gatherings all of the necessary information, a patient will also increase his/her comfort level of going into the procedure.

There is vital information to know about the surgical procedure like Follicular Unit Transplantation and how it can change a patient’s life and it is also convered on Dr. Pistone’s website. There are also other concerns like Who is actually going to be performing the procedure? Who will be taking care of the preparation and implantation of the grafts? At Dr. Pistone Hair Restoration, all surgeries are performed by Dr. Pistone!!!!!

Advantages Of Rhinoplasty

We all notice how great these celebs look and off course we find out later that they have had nose jobs or plastic surgery. Now there is information available on the Internet whether one just wants a nose job or rhinoplasty and it ia all available at .

Dr. Frankel who is mentioned at that website is very well known meticulous methods of achieving natural-looking results. He is a praciticing physician at the very well known Lasky Clinic in Los Angeles. Ever since it opened in 1980, Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty has always had a reputation for discreetness and excellence. The facility is equipped in the most modern way possible with private patient rooms, a recovery room, a large, AAAHC-accredited operating suite with three individual operating rooms, and several fully equipped exam rooms for post-operative care.

This clinic also serves as a place for those who have already had a nose job but were unhappy with the results. Los Angeles nose surgery specializes in rhinoplasty revisions, a procedure that repairs both the form and function of a nose that has previously been operated on. Bad rhinoplasties can be corrected here or even revised from a previous job. Deviated septum surgery, corrective nose surgery, and collapsed nose repairs can also be done here. Many patients have had several unsuccessful nasal surgeries can then go to this clinic where the problem can be corrected just by proper analysis, planning and technical skills of a qualified and expert surgeon like Dr. Frankel. These are a few of the advantages of rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills.

Dr. Frankel can provide best results no matter what the case can be like an irregularity is a small imperfection, a major deformity or even if a patien's nose looks like it has been “done,” Dr. Frankel is more than qualified to provide the results and make it look even more natural.

Also, a good aesthetic eye is critical in order to yield the best aesthetic outcome. Prior to surgery, there is sometimes lab work done along with a letter of medical clearance from an internist. Revision rhinoplasty surgical procedures start with the evaluation phase, during which Dr. Frankel discusses with the patient the overall changes that take place. The sessions also involve a thorough understanding of normal nasal anatomy, which is essential in order to determine what abnormal structures and distortions have resulted from previous surgery. Dr. Frankel is very conscious of the details required of an excellent rhinoplasty job that requires intense concentration, superior technique, appreciation for nasal function, aesthetic judgment, and the ability to communicate with the patient.

More New Changes In Medical Care....

I have posted my thoughts on medications a few times several months ago and I have had both good experience and bad experience with medicine as far as the part of recovery and side effects that go with it....when I was not feeling well a couple of months ago and I had a hard time talking as well as a sore throat, the physician prescribed for me this robitussin forumula that had codein in it. I like the part where I felt better but after a few days on this medicine, I had the side effects one of them being that I had a high fatique level which could have been from the robitussin itself since that may have a tendency to do that to certain people. Then the doctor took me off it and put me on something else and I was able to stay awake for longer periods like I should....

Now there is more of a source to get information about medications from a reliable online source located at that not only includes all kinds of information but also introduces Mobile drug & formulary reference and it is also available for Medicare Part D patients.

Clinicians and support staff can now access this guide used by over 500,000 health care professionals. Clinicians now have access to information about over 3,300 including dosing, pricing, and potential drug interactions. I will give an example of Tramadol that is prescribed for pain from both cancer and joint pain. Just by having access to this website as well as the Mobile drug & formulary reference look it up, one can find out all the potential interactions on this drug, side effects, and dosage information. The formulary coverage is available from any computer with Internet connections.

Jacob Wood MD who is an assistant professor of the UAB Selma Family Residency Program quotes “I’ve been using Epocrates products on my PDA for years and find them indispensable to my practice. I think it is wonderful that my colleagues and staff that don’t yet use a PDA can now access the same information online to help them improve patient care.” Physicians are the ones who designed the Epocrates products just so healthcare professionals could have the useful and relevant information they need for providing the care that is needed. This saves much of the time for clinicians so they can concentrate on giving their patients the best care rather than spending hours referencing multiple websites and DSM texts. Even saving 30 minutes a day can make a huge difference in the care provided.

Kirk Loevner, Epocrates chairman and chief executive officer stated “The new online offering will help us grow our network beyond the healthcare professionals that currently use our PDA-based applications,” and “Epocrates Online also provides us with the opportunity to develop content and services that are optimized for an online platform.”

Other than acting as a drug guide, this product also includes formulary information for more than 130 health plans and hundreds of Medicare Part D formularies. Many healthcare professionals can now very easily obtain formulary status, drug coverage and generic drug options for the patients’ health plans on Epocrates Online.

Dr. Wood highly recommends that “I encourage all healthcare professionals to use Epocrates products via the Internet or a PDA. They are such a valuable resource and convenient tool that once you try it, you won’t know what you ever did without them.” There is also a premium version that includes pill pictures, pill identifier and hundreds of medical tables and calculations included.

Epocrates is now ranked 257 in the 24th annual Inc.500 ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in United States. For those who are interested in more information about Epocrates, the website is at Just knowing this type of service exists assures me that my family and friends will get better health care.

Movies That Show Antique Furniture....

I saw a great movie the other night called Lethal Eviction. It mainly showed an old apartment building and the movie is a thriller based on all the going ons of what went on in the building...what impressed me in the movie was a lot of the tenants had some really nice furniture and I will even say that some had very good antique pieces that looked very elegant....

Since I am a writer I am always trying to learn new facts and I now want to focus this entry on furniture....I will talk about the history of furniture. Much of the history of furniture is based on the culture where it came would be surprised at the materials used and the methods of decorations....many methods of decorations would be inlaying, painting or gilding, wood carving, veneering, and marquetry.

Western furniture which would also focus on the furniture that is used right here in United States comes from a few sources like Egyptian, Asian (Persian and Chinese), Greek and Gothic. Now Oriental furniture has the carving and inlay on ebony and teak. Egyptian furniture goes as far back as 6,000 years old and consists of woodworking, structure, and it also includes inlays of gold and ivory. One of the most attractive features is the carving representing animal forms.

The ancient Greeks prefered the low couch, tripod, and a chair with curved outlines. The Romans had adopted the Greek and Etruscan methods and added many decorated variations during the imperial period. During the 20th. century, there were many technological changes in the chairs like the all-metal folding chairs, metal-legged chairs, slumber chairs, and most of all ergonomic chairs. Reclining chairs starting becoming very popular because of the invention of the television set.

During the 1960s, many more forms of chairs came into play like the butterfly chair, bean bag chairs, and the pod chairs. Then more technological changes led to even more variety of chairs like the massage chairs that are now used in many homes worldwide.....

Sometimes even in a large city, it is hard to find furniture that one would like for a good deal so I found a great place online to do chair shopping called Best Furniture Online and their prices are reasonable and I have also heard they provide excellent, courteous, and honest customer service.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Upgrading Vehicles....

Since I have been debating whether or not to buy a new vehicle within the next year or just to upgrade the current one, I research on the Internet to find out what my other options are....

There is a company online called and what attracts me to them is the fact that they have a quick and easy accessory shopping experience. It is for all new auto, SUV and truck accessories. That website meets all the needs for accessories for Autos and Trucks. They also have a very large selection of SUV, Van and Truck Accessories, and they provide free shipping on all orders over $100. For those who like to shop online, it is so quick and easy to place orders there and find the items needed. One just has to select the vehicle year, make and model and they do rest of the work. The search results only show truck accessories and auto accessories that are compatible with that particular vehicle. Then they have the shopping cart feature as well as check out and voila. They offer the best quality products. There are several categories there like Exterior Accessories, Interior Accessories, Contractor Accessories, as well as particular products or brand names as well. So if one is looking for a truck tool box, BuyAutoTruckAccessories is the place to go. The Truck Tool Box line consists of several items like Single Lid Crossovers, Dual Lid Crossovers, Gull Wing Crossovers, Mid Lid Tool Boxes, and a quality plastic (polyethylene) Tool Box. The list can just go on. Contractors will find items to fit their needs as well since they have high-quality, professional-grade truck accessories from proven and reputable manufacturers like...let's say Fuel Pumps & Tanks.

I found this site to be very worthwhile so I am still undecided whether to upgrade my current vehicle or just buy a new one..decisions, decisions....

Have a Great Week Everyone!!!!!!

The Art Of Giving....

While it is always fun to recieve gifts on different occasions and appreciate the thought that person has given behind old saying states "It is better to give than to recieve". I do agree with this since giving a gift goes way beyond just using words. We can always give gifts just to say "Thank you." "I miss you". Happy Retirement" "Happy Birthday." "Congratulations!" "I'm glad we're friends." Giving gifts is a tradition internationally. One of the best gifts to give are gift baskets by Gourmet Gift Baskets that are excellent works of art. They know how to finely craft the finest gourmet food gift baskets. Their products are excellent as "thank you gift baskets" and "get well gift baskets" too. Italian gift baskets are always a favorite and are also good as sympathy gift baskets and housewarming gift baskets. Just using their web site to order their gift basket one can trust that they are sending an appropriate gift basket and the recipient will be very appreciative and overjoyed.