Friday, January 06, 2017

Last year I sewed up a two piece skirt suit from an Indian saree and wore it twice.  It was so easy to sew.  All I had to do was cut just a little and fold it and off to the sewing machine.  This year I am crocheting a man's sweater.  I also want to needlepoint a pillow and make some cat toys.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Nice Creative Ideas for Floral Designs

Floral Design From the Garden
by Anita Ginski

Just from the backyard or even Gorilla Gardening there are many types of flower arrangements one can make.  It is easy growing a rosebush in the backyard and one thing to be careful of is the thorns when picking roses.  The following is a photo of the rosebush from my backyard in one of the prior years; 

Due to many changes in this Spring's weather, it has not started blooming, but I am excited for the time to bloom so that I can now only have some beauty in the yard but to decorate the home with some rose petals.

Then another flower plant that I admire is one of the pansies I once planted in a prior year.  Following is a picture of it;

I have had this Dahlia plant for many years and it is perennial.  Once again due to the weather, the plant has not bloomed any flowers.  Here is a picture of it from a prior year;

With the red roses, and the purple pansies, and the pink dahlia being a great color combination, that can make a beautiful floral arrangement.  I hope to be able to do a few of these later this year as the weather gets better.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mentalist Fanfiction

Mentalist just started on television last year and I love to write fanfiction on that show. This is the first of my stories and it will be ongoing. TheMentalist fanfiction title is Red John Watching. It is in analogy to The lump loves the worry inside the resident food.

Red John Watching
By Tweetykiss AKA Anita

Disclaimer: I do not own this story since it is property of CBS.

Topic:This is a chapter where some new characters have been added and Jane seems to feel he is very close to catching Red John.

Chapter One:

The CBI has been frequenting this restaurant, Taste of Aegean since it opened just this past Fall. It is owned and managed by three Greek brothers who are from the old country and it serves American Cuisine as well as Greek Cuisine. It is a family restaurant and they have a bar on the other side. The crew of CBI has been there for coffee or breakfast in the morning, they sometimes have lunch there and sometimes they make a dinner stop there. Sometimes they drink in the bar at night. It is located barely a block from the CBI office.

Today is Wednesday and Patrick Jane decides to have dinner there on his way home since it is no longer the same eating dinner at his empty house. The waitress, Brandi walks up to him smiling and asks him ‘How are you’, Jane replies with a smile and says that he is fine and that he just wants a BLT with fries and Sangria. Brandi asks ‘Do you want the wine now or when I bring your meal’? Jane thinks for a moment and tells her that she can bring a glass of wine now and he may order more later on. “Of course”, replies Brandi all upbeat. Jane is meantime smiling very sweetly during all this conversation. He has motive already which is the reason why he is at the ‘Aegean’ right now.

Jane has been watching Nick, one of the owners lately and is suspecting something is not right. Jane has noticed that Nick never looks at him but Jane has caught Nick starting at him sometimes and when he notices that, Nick immediately turns away. Jane also notices that Nick always avoids him. Whenever he goes to the cash register to pay the bill, Nick makes an excuse and always has one of the other brothers handle the cash register. What really peaked his interest is last week when Lisbon and Jane were there for lunch, Jane overheard a conversation from the next booth about Nick having a tattoo and that it was a smiley face. That is when Jane made note that Nick never wore short sleeves despite the high temperatures outside.

Jane also overheard from the conversation that Brandi is not only having an affair with Nick but that she is a kept woman. Then from thereon, Jane noticed that Brandi wears expensive jewelry. Her rings, earrings, and necklace are all real diamonds. He plans to find out more secrets tonight and from Brandi as well. That is when Jane decides to get to the bottom of this tonight through Brandi.

Once Jane finishes his meal and two glasses of Sangria and he took his time with his dinner since he was going to leave when Brandi did at 10:00 PM. Brandi came to Jane and asked him if there is anything else she can get him. Jane smiles his golden smile and says “No, but can I talk to you after work?” Brandi asks him what he wants to talk about. Jane says “It is a little personal so can we meet somewhere else”? Brandi gets a little nervous since she sees that Nick is watching (Jane also notices this) so she tells him quietly that there is a bar down the street called Eddies and that they can meet there in 20 minutes since she has to clean and finish up. Jane then smiles and says “I will go there now.” Jane leaves a five dollar tip and Brandi thanks him with a big smile. Jane says quietly “I will see you”. When Jane goes to the register, he notices that Nick is talking to Brandi and Nick does not seem happy and that Andy is at the register and takes the money and gives the change back to Jane and says thank you to Jane in a very heavy Greek accent. Jane smiles his same golden smile and says “You are very welcome and have a great night”. Andy implies the same thing in his heavy accent.

Monday, August 24, 2009

How to Get Excellent and Inexpensive Web Hosting

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Since my blog is on crafting, I would recommend this hosting service to those who wish to market their crafts on the Internet. This hosting service would also be great for those who wish to start a forum about crafting since there are some forums on crafting and many people on the Internet share that same interest.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Real Estate

There is money to be made in real estate today. Real estate property management is starting to grow again. Many properties have now been foreclosed and there are now homes for sale at much lower prices. The interest rates have also dropped on loans and since property values are lower, more people are buying. With more customers on the buying market, real estate sales have increased.

RPM receives the "Franchise of the Year Honorable Mention" award. This states that there has been excellent quality of real estate property management. RPM Midwest has also been featured in the Bizjournal of Cincinnati, OH and Columbus, OH. Since they won an award, they have a high chance of being featured in more journals. RPM also manages over 20,000 units nationwide. That shows Realty Property Management is growing.

Freddie Mac has Signed an exclusive agreement with Real Property Management to manage the new REO Rental Initiative. Freddie Mac is a huge company that holds the titles to many properties. RPM Midwest joins the National Association of Residential Property Managers to ensure the highest standards in property management services.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Make More For Your Money

In this age where we worry about our future of our incomes, security and retirement funds, it is never too early to start planning. One of the companies that is excellent for this is Monex Deposit Company or MDC. They have been around for over 30 years and still going strong. One of their products are us gold coins. One can get the American Eagle gold coins in units of the 10 one-ounce coins. One of the beauties of buying these coins from this company is that they are available for personal delivery.

Gold has been bought for centuries as a way to preserve wealth and purchasing power. Through all time, citizens have been fascinated with the beauty and magic of gold. Not only is gold available in coin form, but it can also been purchased in ingots. Ingots are pure bullion cast in size and shape. Coins either have a currency value or they are defined as ingots. Legal tender coin in the United States have a currency value of $50.00. Coins can also be purchased in fractional sizes of an ounce.

Monex employs a dedicated staff of professionals committed to one's precious metals investment needs.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

How much gets enough!!!!

Ok, I am not too heavy on politics but when something appears on your TV screen each day because other members of the family want to see it, you cannot help but notice it or hear it. Now I am old enough where I can recall other first daughters or first kids like Julie Eisenhower, Caroline Kennedy, Amy Carter, and now Bush's daughters and I have to say that they sure have so much more class than this spoiled little brat of the Clintons. Just like the phrase goes, if you cannot take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Well, it is so evident that this scumbag and classless Chelsea cannot handle the limelight. Bad enough that she was so rude to people when her father was in the White House. And when she was a college student, she was really on a high horse that she was very nasty to papparazzi. Well, just too bad, ain't it since all public figures have to put up with it or just get out. The other first children handled these problems much more nicely.

Bush's daughters are putting up with the fact that most people don't like their father and call him all kinds of names but we never hear of them lashing out at people. When Nixon was involved in the Watergate and was forced to resign, yes Julie cried but she didn't last out at anyone. Now here this little classless primadonna of Chelsea whose father has an issue with faithfullness and sex (Well I guess, cannot blame him since his wife is so ugly and rude). Anyway, she cannot handle it when people now want to bring up her old man's scandal about his affairs. Well just too bad lady since you want to now be a public figure and now you expect everyone to be so nicey nice to you and kiss the ground you walk on. That is just not the way life is. There are a lot of people who do not like you since you want to be so arrogant and high and mighty. Maybe if you took the time to learn some manners, your life would be different today and you would not be so pathetic just like your old lady. And by the way, I am not defending Obama.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Double Love Triangle

The following is fan fiction from the TV show, Moonlight.

Disclaimer: CBS has full rights to this and this will not be submitted by Tweetykiss to any publishing house nor her agents. Also a lot of characters have never been on the show. This is strictly fan fiction and nothing more than that.

Leena who is a fashion designer finally got her big break thanks to Mr. Bigg and Carrie Bradshaw that she was finally able to not only move to California from Rockford, IL but to get a position which paid her six figures. There she was met at the airport parking lot by Beth who is covering a story on models and wants Leena’s take on them.

They hug like friends at the airport when they had only one conversation on the phone long distance. Leena heard through the grapevine that one of the models had died from a lethal drug. When she questioned Beth about this, Beth stated that model had gone to a nightclub the night before and someone put a deadly micky in her drink when she was not watching. Then the subject was left alone hopefully for good.

Beth takes Leena to her hotel room and gives her an hour to settle in and then she comes back to interview her for a short time. Beth then asks her where she received her fashion degree from and Leena states that she took an online course with Ashford University. She also stated that she is married and that her husband is an Accounting Professor at the local university in Rockford and that he will try for a position in California so that he can relocate when the term is over. Beth asked Leena how the living apart is and she stated it is rough when in reality Leena’s heart cringed since she wanted a divorce but because of her family background and cultural background, divorce is verboten.

When Beth asked about children, Leena stated proudly that both her children are in medical school. When asked how did she come upon this position, Leena stated that she grew up with Mr. Bigg and that is also how she met Carrie Bradshaw. She proudly stated that her family and Bigg’s family are good friends but she avoided the subject of the relationship of Carrie Bradshaw and Bigg since those two are very close friends of hers and she would never hurt them in any way even though she is in very little agreement with the way their thing carries on. Beth never heard of Carrie Bradshaw and knew very little of Bigg except for the fact that they are a very wealthy family. However Leena mentioned that Carrie would be a perfect model. She deliberately left out the part where Carrie had a bad fall on the runway stage when she had her chance.

Beth was getting a little bit bored with this interview but she couldn’t help but like Leena since she was very hospitable and nice and very welcoming. All she kept hoping for was a phone call interruption from Mick. As she looked at her phone, Leena asked Beth “Are you expecting a call?” Beth said “No, but sometimes this one annoying telemarketer calls at this time and I was just praying they wouldn’t call.” Sure enough, the phone rings that second and she sees it is Mick St. John. She right away instantaneously answers and Leena is then puzzled since she heard that original reply from Beth but waits patiently. Mick phones to assure her that she should not worry about how she approached him the other night while she was under the spell of that drug. Beth says she is in the middle of an interview rather than risking Leena to hear what happened. Mick wonders in puzzlement what could have happened now. Beth assures him, “This is just a new friend of mine who just moved to the area from the Midwest.”

Mick then lets her get back to her new friend. Then Beth remembers that Josh is still mad at her invites Leena to dinner at her own favorite restaurant. Leena says she will be ready at five. Beth says she will come and get her at the room. Leena then says “No, I can meet you in the lobby.” Then it is all set for a ladies night out.

Monday, February 12, 2007

shahrukh khan

This is a great video

Monday, October 30, 2006

Compromising Situation....

Ok, I am now going to admit something touchy here...there is a guy at work whom I find very attractive and guess what....he is only two years younger than myself if that....he gave me a bag of Fritos today and I guess one has watch when a man gives a woman was doing lunchroom duty and he had to bring one of the kids in there from his class I guess and off course I am going to say hi...I mean I can't be rude to him and ignore I have a promise not to get involved with the peeps at my only exception is going out with this one teacher's aide once this semester is over so I will have time to do something with her but I need to stay away from the this man is way too nice....and it sure does not help that he is georgeous.....where are you G so I can get your advice on this....

On another note, I almost blew it with the laptop and the funny thing is that the cert says ipod which I will be pretty mad if all I get is an ipod after doing seven offers...yes, I had to do seven offers since one did not bother to I had to do the Boca Java offer and now I have more coffee than I know what to do with since I had to do the Gevalia offer as a replacement in the plasma TV conga since my Time Life CD never credited and those peeps even called me to see how I was enjoying the CD and my answer to them was "you never even credited me for the plasma TV" and he pretended he didn't know what I was talking back to the cert, my browser closed and I lost the cert and I couldn't get it back so I wrote them and then them emailed me this morning and told me to send the W-9 all filled isn't this getting to be a regular thing with

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Stand and Deliver......

I never even heard of this movie since I know it is such an old movie anyway and most likely came out even before I had a before you ask me if I still have a VCR, let me just tell you that this movie came out when no one had DVDs so now guess how old this movie is...the plasma TV was not even invented yet so now I have you there lol....

I had to watch this movie for this class I am taking and I finally watched it last night and loved it...very touching story about a Latino teacher teaching in an urban high school which is all Latinos as well. No, this is not a bilingual school neither since they all have to speak English. When I was once assigned to a Latino school here, I was speaking some Spanish and even wrote my greeting to the class in Spanish....I know some Spanish through my job experience....the children right away told me not to speak nor write anything on the board in Spanish since everyone there was required to speak English....mystery to me right there....?????

Now back to the movie...this teacher goes into this school thinking he will teach computers and they tell him then that they couldn't get the computers so he is ready to walk out but they tell him that he has to teach remedial math...eeeekkkk...I hope I don't run into that too....but I just may and I changed my mind after watching this showed unruly students with behavior issues who didn't want to be in school and they had too much responsibilities at home and some of the kids belonged to gangs but the teacher was able to reach them and make them learn and they really grew to like him....this makes me want to teach in a school like that once I get my certificate....this is also a true it really happened and it is no work of fiction....

I think everyone should watch this movie and it is available at Blockbusters....

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Cash or gifts....

Now with the freebie sites...I just got news the other day that TopWebRewards approved and processed my certs and did the happy dance...wasn't it just two weeks ago that I was depressed that site would not do anything and I lost my gift that I paid bundles to qualify for....well my trick is to not cancel right away since it not only takes the integrity away but then these businesses lose money and then sites like that cannot have these offers.....on the laptop thing I had to do a replacement offer and it went ipod nanos should be shipped next month or so they claim...what I now wonder is though I have heard they don't support WINA sites so there goes the least I get my music these other companies may just send checks which may be better.....although I want the laptop instead of cash....they better not send just the ipod though because that is not why I did all those costly offers....I am now trying for a gift card since I owed someone an offer and I did the Lancome offer and greened right away so I just need 11 refs which is never a problem for me to get.....

Friday, October 20, 2006

My Status......

Now this is one thing that is tricky for me to classify since I am both a student and do work and I make my money in different ways.....I already mentioned the ways I make my money in my other blog so I won't go there at this point.....anyone ever heard of sportslair by the way.....just thought I would what I will talk about is how I am getting some expensive items for the price of next to nothing....ha ha....yes, I have a plasma TV coming here and a 42 inch one at that...then a DVD player and two ipod nanos and an ipod I cannot afford these items but here is how I am getting them.....I joined a site for getting a two free nanos and I only had to do one offer and get 10 refs...well in less than a week, I ended up getting 11 refs and they all greened instantly.....then I filled in my approval and they approved it the other day and I just put in my order and they just have to get it from the vendor to be shipped to me.....

Now the DVD player, I happen to get a pop-up and did one offer and it greened right away and now I just have to get it notarized and mailed....

The plasma TV, I joined a conga and did eight offers and they gave me a ref and all I had to do was submit my the laptop, there was also a conga so I joined and did 6 offers and they gave me a ref and my offers still have to go green and so do my refs and then I can not only get my laptop but also the video ipod they throw in as a bonus.....ain't this all so sweet.......

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I know I would....

I never once thought of a career in real estate but if I were living in Atlanta, I may consider since the fact that condo company just launced their new website where the buyers can now get their listings. They also launched a program called "Building Specialists" where the real estate agents specializes in a particular building among those Atlanta Condos. These are generally luxury high rises and very profitable off course.

Now the buyers also have an advantage on this website where they can get contact information to directly contact the seller of the condo they are interest in. Developers and sellers can also list on this site.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Prescription Drugs....

Let us just be honest...they are everywhere and many people take them...they have side effects just like the cold and cough meds at the OTC own brother had an incident one time where when mixing OTCs for a cough he had and then late at night he had passed out and the ambulance was called and he had to spend two nights in the if this were prescriptions then one knows care and safety has to be taken and it is now much easier with this one web access from Epocrates to the health care professionals so that patient safety, healthcare efficiency and patient satisfaction can be achieved.

Now if someone is on Lorazepam and has to go to the doctor for another reason and surgery is needed, there are many anesthetics that would not be feasible to administer to the patient since this particular drug is almost like a sedative....there are other alternatives available and that would be much easier....

With a service like this, the doctor and nurse can simply look up on one website instead of having to go to multiple websites and find out everything they need to know and what are the safe anesthetics to administer to the patient...this is also a big time saver which is a big and critical help in medical care.

They are a very valuable resource and a convenient tool that once the clinics try it, they won't know what they ever did without them.