Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Nice Creative Ideas for Floral Designs

Floral Design From the Garden
by Anita Ginski

Just from the backyard or even Gorilla Gardening there are many types of flower arrangements one can make.  It is easy growing a rosebush in the backyard and one thing to be careful of is the thorns when picking roses.  The following is a photo of the rosebush from my backyard in one of the prior years; 

Due to many changes in this Spring's weather, it has not started blooming, but I am excited for the time to bloom so that I can now only have some beauty in the yard but to decorate the home with some rose petals.

Then another flower plant that I admire is one of the pansies I once planted in a prior year.  Following is a picture of it;

I have had this Dahlia plant for many years and it is perennial.  Once again due to the weather, the plant has not bloomed any flowers.  Here is a picture of it from a prior year;

With the red roses, and the purple pansies, and the pink dahlia being a great color combination, that can make a beautiful floral arrangement.  I hope to be able to do a few of these later this year as the weather gets better.