Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mentalist Fanfiction

Mentalist just started on television last year and I love to write fanfiction on that show. This is the first of my stories and it will be ongoing. TheMentalist fanfiction title is Red John Watching. It is in analogy to The lump loves the worry inside the resident food.

Red John Watching
By Tweetykiss AKA Anita

Disclaimer: I do not own this story since it is property of CBS.

Topic:This is a chapter where some new characters have been added and Jane seems to feel he is very close to catching Red John.

Chapter One:

The CBI has been frequenting this restaurant, Taste of Aegean since it opened just this past Fall. It is owned and managed by three Greek brothers who are from the old country and it serves American Cuisine as well as Greek Cuisine. It is a family restaurant and they have a bar on the other side. The crew of CBI has been there for coffee or breakfast in the morning, they sometimes have lunch there and sometimes they make a dinner stop there. Sometimes they drink in the bar at night. It is located barely a block from the CBI office.

Today is Wednesday and Patrick Jane decides to have dinner there on his way home since it is no longer the same eating dinner at his empty house. The waitress, Brandi walks up to him smiling and asks him ‘How are you’, Jane replies with a smile and says that he is fine and that he just wants a BLT with fries and Sangria. Brandi asks ‘Do you want the wine now or when I bring your meal’? Jane thinks for a moment and tells her that she can bring a glass of wine now and he may order more later on. “Of course”, replies Brandi all upbeat. Jane is meantime smiling very sweetly during all this conversation. He has motive already which is the reason why he is at the ‘Aegean’ right now.

Jane has been watching Nick, one of the owners lately and is suspecting something is not right. Jane has noticed that Nick never looks at him but Jane has caught Nick starting at him sometimes and when he notices that, Nick immediately turns away. Jane also notices that Nick always avoids him. Whenever he goes to the cash register to pay the bill, Nick makes an excuse and always has one of the other brothers handle the cash register. What really peaked his interest is last week when Lisbon and Jane were there for lunch, Jane overheard a conversation from the next booth about Nick having a tattoo and that it was a smiley face. That is when Jane made note that Nick never wore short sleeves despite the high temperatures outside.

Jane also overheard from the conversation that Brandi is not only having an affair with Nick but that she is a kept woman. Then from thereon, Jane noticed that Brandi wears expensive jewelry. Her rings, earrings, and necklace are all real diamonds. He plans to find out more secrets tonight and from Brandi as well. That is when Jane decides to get to the bottom of this tonight through Brandi.

Once Jane finishes his meal and two glasses of Sangria and he took his time with his dinner since he was going to leave when Brandi did at 10:00 PM. Brandi came to Jane and asked him if there is anything else she can get him. Jane smiles his golden smile and says “No, but can I talk to you after work?” Brandi asks him what he wants to talk about. Jane says “It is a little personal so can we meet somewhere else”? Brandi gets a little nervous since she sees that Nick is watching (Jane also notices this) so she tells him quietly that there is a bar down the street called Eddies and that they can meet there in 20 minutes since she has to clean and finish up. Jane then smiles and says “I will go there now.” Jane leaves a five dollar tip and Brandi thanks him with a big smile. Jane says quietly “I will see you”. When Jane goes to the register, he notices that Nick is talking to Brandi and Nick does not seem happy and that Andy is at the register and takes the money and gives the change back to Jane and says thank you to Jane in a very heavy Greek accent. Jane smiles his same golden smile and says “You are very welcome and have a great night”. Andy implies the same thing in his heavy accent.

Monday, August 24, 2009

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Real Estate

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