Sunday, March 30, 2008

How much gets enough!!!!

Ok, I am not too heavy on politics but when something appears on your TV screen each day because other members of the family want to see it, you cannot help but notice it or hear it. Now I am old enough where I can recall other first daughters or first kids like Julie Eisenhower, Caroline Kennedy, Amy Carter, and now Bush's daughters and I have to say that they sure have so much more class than this spoiled little brat of the Clintons. Just like the phrase goes, if you cannot take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Well, it is so evident that this scumbag and classless Chelsea cannot handle the limelight. Bad enough that she was so rude to people when her father was in the White House. And when she was a college student, she was really on a high horse that she was very nasty to papparazzi. Well, just too bad, ain't it since all public figures have to put up with it or just get out. The other first children handled these problems much more nicely.

Bush's daughters are putting up with the fact that most people don't like their father and call him all kinds of names but we never hear of them lashing out at people. When Nixon was involved in the Watergate and was forced to resign, yes Julie cried but she didn't last out at anyone. Now here this little classless primadonna of Chelsea whose father has an issue with faithfullness and sex (Well I guess, cannot blame him since his wife is so ugly and rude). Anyway, she cannot handle it when people now want to bring up her old man's scandal about his affairs. Well just too bad lady since you want to now be a public figure and now you expect everyone to be so nicey nice to you and kiss the ground you walk on. That is just not the way life is. There are a lot of people who do not like you since you want to be so arrogant and high and mighty. Maybe if you took the time to learn some manners, your life would be different today and you would not be so pathetic just like your old lady. And by the way, I am not defending Obama.

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