Sunday, August 23, 2009

Real Estate

There is money to be made in real estate today. Real estate property management is starting to grow again. Many properties have now been foreclosed and there are now homes for sale at much lower prices. The interest rates have also dropped on loans and since property values are lower, more people are buying. With more customers on the buying market, real estate sales have increased.

RPM receives the "Franchise of the Year Honorable Mention" award. This states that there has been excellent quality of real estate property management. RPM Midwest has also been featured in the Bizjournal of Cincinnati, OH and Columbus, OH. Since they won an award, they have a high chance of being featured in more journals. RPM also manages over 20,000 units nationwide. That shows Realty Property Management is growing.

Freddie Mac has Signed an exclusive agreement with Real Property Management to manage the new REO Rental Initiative. Freddie Mac is a huge company that holds the titles to many properties. RPM Midwest joins the National Association of Residential Property Managers to ensure the highest standards in property management services.

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