Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Super Long Winter.........

That it has been a very very very long winter. We started getting heavy snowfall in December. January was not bad at all and all of us were concerned here that we would be surprised when February and March would come. It barely snowed in February and we had some snow this past month and it is still very cold and here we are just a few days away from April and Spring is officially here by the calendar time and Easter is barely two weeks away. Now what can we expect.
I was hoping to start on my garden by now with planting the spring flowers since I want to start on the tulips. I also want to have other types of flowers and a vegatable garden.
Meantime, I am still into my crocheting and knitting. I haven't said much lately since I haven't progressed much other than starting on two afghans. I have tons of yarn from Herrshners where I can make a single crochet afghan and then I took one unfinished afghan apart to start an easier pattern that will take a lot less time. I am putting off the sweaters for now unless I can find a suitable pattern where I can use two colors in an easy way.
I want to learn Intarsia but I don't want my first project to be too overwhelming. I also saw an afghan in a magazine with the most beautiful colors and it is with a lace pattern. I can't wait to get the yarn but I first need to finish what I am working on so that I don't get overwhelmed.
I have many other ideas on this yarn that I have. I just have to get nice easy patterns that can be done quick. Then I have all these UFOs. LOL!!!
That is about all for now and I hope
All of you have a GREAT WEEK!!!!


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