Tuesday, April 04, 2006

This Season's Apprentice....

I have noticed how popular the show, Apprentice is. I was glad last year, when Kendra won and when last season, Randall won. He really was a very hard worker.

Now I am wondering if he really has a great group this season. They don't seem too competent this time and I am having a hard time seeing who can really get hired and they say it will be "America's Choice". I am glad it was not America's choice last season or Rebecca would have won and I didn't want her to win.

Now we all know how Mr. Trump not only puts puts emphasis on college graduates, but he wants the advance degrees as well and graduates from the best of colleges which there is nothing wrong with if one wants to earn a high six figure. However this group may be smart in studying if they went to all these good colleges and one is a member of Mensa (he keeps messing up). Mr. Trump also makes sure he gets attorneys on these shows. Now look how often they mess up and sometimes the first to go. I do think though Brent was treated unfairly. However do I want them to be my attorneys and I even wonder if they can handle something as simple as these vioxx lawsuits. Just a for instance...Stacy who is a criminal defense attorney claimed that Brent was harassing her. All he did was tell her off and she couldn't handle that or so she claimed. Makes one wonder about the competentcy of that attorney in her.

I do like the way Mr. Trump is trying to promote the other businesses since they also help him as well and give the chance for the candidates to prove themselves. When they did the commercial for the Norwiegan Cruise Lines, they were on a tight time schedule since the cruise was taking off in just a matter of a few hours. It is a great thing that these modern ships now have marine electronics. If not for that fact, the task would not have been accomplished. Then the same losing team loses again as usual. LOL!!!

Then on some of their tasks since the candidates have to move around so much and set up shop, they need to have commercial folding tables. They get to carry it in their vans and then they can just set up when they get to their workplace.

We saw last night the losing team lost again and once more the project manager brings in the wrong people to the board room. That seems to be typical this season. LOL!!!

Let us see how all this unravels before us.

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