Saturday, September 16, 2006

USWeb Services.....

To those who know quite a bit about search engines are very familiar with the phrase “Content is King”. Search Engines have a tendency to favor large, dynamic sites to smaller ones. This is pr because the larger and dynamic sites are more likely to contain fresh information of value to the Search Engine’s audience.

USWeb (whom I am very proud to work for) has worked with some of the world’s largest online media companies like and CNET Networks who are considered the leading sources of information within finance and business matters since that is what those companies are about. Both of them rank high in the search engines show up more often than smaller sites with similar information.

Now let us just take an example and say that Google wants to be there when Forbes breaks a story on a trading scandal or when CNET breaks a story on the first review of the latest, soon to be released tech gadget. We always need to think long and hard about the content our target audience is most interested in.

USWeb's search engine marketing services are here to get your site noticed when potential buyers are looking for the products and services you have to offer. Their Search Engine Optimization, PPC Bid Management, and Trusted Feed services target the specific audience and prospects to your site.

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