Sunday, May 21, 2006


I need to decide now if I want a new chair for my desk. I thought of those antique chairs and that got me to thinking of the history of furniture and how it parallels the progress of culture. Furniture through the centuries has been designed many ways and with so many different materials.

Western Furniture comes from four sources: Egyptian, Asian(Persian and Chinese), Greek, and Gothic. The Egyptian furniture dates back 6,000 years and is known for inlays of gold and ivory. Oriental furniture is known for carving and inlays on ebony and teak. The Greeks were known to prefer low couch, tripod, and chair with curved outlines.

As time went on, the metal folding chairs and ergonomic chairs became popular. Bean bag and pod chairs were also very popular at one time. Massage chairs are now very popular. Many offices now use stackable chairs. The best place to get those would be Best Furniture Online where they also provide excellent customer service. Most likely I will check back with them to see what they have. I know I should get a chair.

Then I know I need to think of the future meaning protecting my assets. Some of us remember when gas was only 25 cents a gallon and it only took one dollar to buy four gallons of gas. That was backed by REAL money, real silver. That same amount of silver can still buy that same amount of gas. It seems like gas, food, and other goods have gone up but in reality it is the value of the dollar that has gone down.

One of the best ways to now invest is to buy tangible assets like silver, gold, and bullion coins. Monex is a good place for that since they meet the needs of all investors. I have heard that more and more people now buy gold bars. Investment is now becoming more and more important.

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