Saturday, May 06, 2006

Gas Prices.....

Ok, I am not going to go into a huge lecture about this since complaining does no good but didn't we all have a nightmare about the fact that if it all goes up to even three dollars a gallon that we may have to walk to work and many are now scared....frankly I don't blame anyone and I am just as scared.....I am just glad I don't have a gas guzzler....

One thing is of comfort and that is this place I found on the web that I want to share with you if you need to fix your beaters or even your new cars and trucks and vans just to save money and that is Truck Tool Box. It satifies all your auto and truck needs with a wide selection of SUV, van, and truck accessories. also has free shipping for all orders over $100.00 both for Fed-Ex and ground shipping. One can order exterior and interior accessories there including the truck tool box. The truck toolbox inludes the Single Lid Crossovers and Dual Lid Crossovers. Brand names can also be purchases at this site. You will have excellent shopping experience has the "shopping cart" thing and you just click and check out and you are done. They also match everything to the year, make and model of your automobile.

I have a few friends who have cars over ten years old and now I know this site will help them since it would cost more at their local mechanic. Now they can just find out what they need and then shop here and just have someome replace the part.

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