Sunday, May 21, 2006

Investments and Insurance.....

As I stated in my last entry, gas prices were only 25 cents at one time, and that was backed by real silver. Now I think I also mentioned that the same amount of silver can still buy four gallons of gas just like at that time, one dollar bought four gallons of gas. It seems like the prices of everything has gone up but in reality the value of the dollar has gone down.

Investments experts have long recommended to investing in tangible assets like silver, gold, and bullion coins and I am hearing that more and more people are buying gold bars. Monex as I have mentioned before is one of the country's oldest, largest, and most experienced firms specializing in precious metals.

Now I have to think of auto insurance since I tend to think I am being charged a lot for my auto insurance. Geico in fact has advised auto owners in California to pay attention to the latest crime reports submitted by the National Insurance Crime Bureau. California is home to six of the top ten auto theft locations in the nation. One of the tips given is to keep the vehicle locked at all times even while driving. Another tip is to keep the windows and sunroof closed even though it is very hot.

I heard of one way to buy good car insurance and yet save money is to buy car insurance from They do provide an auto insurance quote for all states. They not only save money but time too. I also heard in some states once the application is processed, the proof of insurance is provided in 15 minutes. I am thinking of checking more into this to save money.

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