Saturday, May 27, 2006

Lifestyles of Mariners and Fishermen...

None of us can forget the Titanic and other famous cruise lines that sank and they were even guaranteed not to sink nor hit anything that would make them sink. Now with technology, it is even safer for the little ships and fishermen to navigate and not be in danger spots since there are now free electronic downloads of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NAOO) Raster Navigational Charts. A Raster chart is a digitally scanned image of a paper nautical chart that is used by mariners for navigation. It is used to make navigation a lot safer than ever before. Those are always updated and are made available at .

For the mariners, there is also another website where they can get electronics for boating and fishing including fish finders. Northeast Marine Electronics has all these electronic fishing tools available.

Then on another note, tourism in Orlando is really booming and has been for almost a century now. Orlando's history is only 150 years old but a lot has happened in that time. It was first a cattle raising industry and it looked more like Laredo and other western towns instead of it's neighboring Southern states. There were Indian wars, cattle rustling, gun fights, gambling, and other unsavory evening activities.

Then in 1880, Southern Florida Railroad extended it's line to Orlando from Sanford into the rest of the nation. This then expanded the Citrus Industry in Central Florida. By the 1920s many changes already happened since business was booming including the land boom. It was at that time the tourist industry in Orlando began and now that town is a very vacation resort with many visitors visiting the seven major theme parks.

With the billions dollar tourist industry booming, there have many job openings and it is also a great place to raise a family. There are many nice homes in Orlando that range from upscale condos with the city's view to the vintage homes but whatever a buyers needs are, Windermere Real Estate is one to help represent the buyer. They are also the Buyers Broker of Florida.

It is interesting to know how Orlando grew from a 'western town' to a major theme park vacation capital in the world.

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