Thursday, April 13, 2006

Disney World....

My husband and I got an offer last year saying we can get a free three nights and two days in Orlando, Florida. All we had to do was attend a sales pitch from them trying to buy these vacation packages.

They showed a movie on these vacation packages and I kept thinking how nice if we could get to do that every year. We ended up not buying the packages, but we ended up getting the Orlando vacation deal we were promised. They gave us a voucher for that.

I have been to Disney World twice in my life and loved it both times. Sometimes I wish we could have a winter home there but that is not feasible in this time of my life. I can still check how the seasonal home deals are just by talking to an Orlando Realtor. I am sure they have some good deals on the seasonal property.

I am happy where I live now, but it would be nice to sometimes get away. I also keep thinking of Disney World. There is something there for everyone to enjoy.

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