Wednesday, April 05, 2006

New Projects......

I am ever so glad that tomorrow is my last day of work before my Spring Break starts on Friday. I need this break. I have to do my income taxes yet.

For Easter we are going to DH's parents house and they asked us to bring dessert. We ordered the cake today. We also want to send flowers there this weekend.

Next week if the weather is good, I want to start my garden. I want to plant some seeds for flowers and for vegetables as well. I also want to put in mini waterfall there. I just want a place this summer in the backyard where I can take my book or my knitting and cross stitch and just relax back there in a very welcoming atmosphere. Once it takes off, I will post pictures on here.

I also hope we can spend Mother's Day with DH's parents since my parents live out of state. We will get Mother's Day flowers to both mommies.

I haven't really felt like crocheting lately. I might do some stamped cross stitching later on tonight. I have to pay some bills first.

I hope all of you have a very good weekend.

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