Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My Week Off

I am so glad it is now Spring Break. It didn't start out too good since my husband got robbed yesterday. I am just glad he is still alive. He was taking his walk and decided to go around the block. They pickpocketed him and took his wallet. Then they ran. So we went this morning to get his driver's license and then another library card as well as the blockbuster card. He also went to get the Jewel Card. He has to go to the VA to get his VA card since he is a veteran and is on VA disability. We did have his credit card cancelled, same with the library card the Blockbuster. Surprisingly they did take out any books nor movies.

Now I can rest a little easier. I should go and play paintball. I am glad my friends own airsoft guns. It is such a relaxing sport. I highly recommend it.

I am still thinking what to get my mother for Mothers Day other than the flowers. A friend of mine mentioned that she is looking into getting for her mother one of those Mothers Day gift baskets. That seems like a great idea for me since they have all kind of nice things for a mother.

I also want to go take some pictures as well. I just love taking nature photos. I also like to tell a story to go along with them.

I also want to get some knitting and crocheting done this week while I am off.

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