Friday, June 30, 2006

Auto Safety....

Since I love to write and research for fun, I also do it to get advice and everyday I see ads for Geico and I have known people who are insured by them. I just learned that they also have advised auto owners in California to keep up with the National Insurance Crime Bureau's (NICB) latest report that says California is home to six of the top 10 auto theft locations in the nation. According to Nancy Pierce who is regional vice president of GEICO's San Diego location, "A big part of our job at GEICO is providing safety measures to protect our consumers and prevent fraud." Now it is gettting more to inform the public as to what can be done to prevent vehicles from being stolen.

Ms. Pierce recommended certain steps to help reduce the chances of one's car from being targeted. I will just list a few of them here since it is a long list.

1) Keep the vehicle locked at all times, even while driving. Close all windows and sunroofs, no matter how hot it is.

2) Never under any circumstances leave keys in the car.

3) Avoid leaving valuables in the vehicle where passersbys can see them.

4) Do not leave registration or title in the car. Too often a car thief is pulled over and gets away from the police because he or she can produce the auto registration. If more than one driver use the vehicle, the best suggestion would be to hide the registration in a secret location that only the owners know.

5) Be very aware of surroundings, especially in garages, parking lots and gas stations.

6) If confronted by a carjacker, do not resist. Cars can be replaced; One's life cannot be replaced.

Those are just a few of the many steps to be taken to insure less crime with a vehicle.

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