Saturday, June 24, 2006

My Boss Is A Famous Internet Marketing Genius.

I think there are many types of geniuses....I could be a photography genius ( I am really still at the amateur level or why I am not making a living off it...) or if I tried harder a writing genius and yes I make extra money at it....I am passionate too about it and I wish I could be a genius in other things....

I would like to take this time to write about and honor (I feel very humbled) a famous marketing genius .

The marketing genius I am speaking of is Mr. Ed Shull who is a CEO of USWeb. He is also veteran of the Internet marketing industry with over 8 years of experience. Mr. Shull is a very well recognized leader in the online marketing space and has been featured in several high profile magazines including Newsweek, The Los Angeles Times, and The New York Times. Mr. Shull is a Certified Oracle Consultant and frequently gives speeches at industry trade events such as Ad-Tech. Mr. Shull quotes "I am very lucky to do what I love. Internet marketing is in my opinion, the most exciting industry in business and there is nothing I'd rather do for a living. USWeb represents the best of breed in the space. If you have ever been at a company where not only talent, but passion is evident daily in the work, you have an idea of how fortunate I am."

Mr. Shull's past experience includes companies from small start ups like BBQ.Com to Fortune 500 companies like Morgan Stanley. Mr. Shull is on the Search Committee of the Interactive Advertising Bureau and the Marketing Committee of the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization. Mr. Shull contributes weekly to the USWeb blog.

I am very honored to say that Mr. Shull is the genius whom I employed by although I report to someone else who is very kind and I feel very humbled to have this opportunity to write about Mr. Shull.

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