Saturday, June 24, 2006

Extreme Sports And Paintball

Most who know me know that I am into extreme sports like ice climbing and rock fact I just did some rock climbing yesterday......and what good is winter without ice climbing....

When I feel like being good, that is when I get into paintball and I really love that sport and I did reading into this and found out that paintball also known as Airsoft originally started in Japan during the early 1980s. It was illegal to own firearms in Japan but since there was an interest in them, a company started producing spring-powered replicas of firearms that fired 6mm, plastic BBs.

Then later in the late 1980s the sport spread out to neighboring countries such as Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, and the Philippines. Airsoft started appearing in North America and Europe during the middle of the 1990's.

Airsoft guns are actually 1:1 scale replicas of the real firearms that fire 6mm, round, plastic pellets commonly known as "BB's" and they are propelled out of the guns by compressed air. Airsoft guns mimic the looks and functionality of it's real-steel counterpart. Airsoft guns can also look, feel, weigh, and function similar to the actual firearm. Most of the time the only way one can differentiate a "real steel" firearm between an airsoft gun is that blazing orange tip when the trigger is pulled. Also the "BBs" splatter paint once it lands. A great place I found online to buy cheap airsoft guns is at which was founded in 2004. Not only do they have low prices, they also have great customer service and fast shipping to the paintball world. Zephyr now carries Airsoft. They carry Airsoft pistol and rifles arriving daily from Firepower, KWA and china Airsoft. All Airsoft replica BB guns include a safety orange muzzle tip in accordance with Federal law. Any attempt to remove that orange tip is a violation of the Federal law.

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