Wednesday, July 12, 2006

More New Changes In Hair Restoration

I sometimes do entries on how these celebs look so good inspite of their age and with the men, one of concerns is hair loss. I read about one doctor who specializes in hair transplants and his name is Dr. Pistone and all the information about him is available at . Dr. Pistone guarantees to give back his patient’s natural hair and natural hairline using simple, safe, and affordable hair transplant methods. He not only guarantees 100 percent growth but also if there are any follicular units not growing as expected, he’ll redo them at no additional charge.

Dr. Pistone takes pride in the natural "look" he gives to his clients. He has his patient’s own hairs regrow along his or her own hairlines and that is one of the factors that provide the natural look. Dr. Pistone is concerned with restoring hair and bringing back the pride and self-confidence of his clients that should happen with those who are condidering hair tranplants.

Dr. Pistone is not affiliated with a hair clinic or a franchise. He is known for his experience, skill, artistry and ethics. Dr. Pistone also has double board-certification in both Surgical Hair Restoration and Dermatology. The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons for professional and ethical excellence recognizes Dr. Pistone as one among 40 elite hair surgeons worldwide. He has done over 6,000 procedures, established the benchmark in the hair restoration field from New Jersey Hair Restoration and Hair Transplant Philadelphia to Connecticut Hair Restoration and Hair Loss Maryland. Dr. Pistone is known as the leader in restorative hair surgery.

Dr. Pistone uses the most advanced techniques and revolutionary procedures such as the Stereo-Microscopic Hair Transplantation. His clients also recieve latest hair transplant technology and shorter recovery time and safer solutions for permanent healthy hair. It is always important for a patient to get as much information as possible in order to make an informed decision. It is important to establish a ‘relationship’ since treatment for a hair transplant can often take months to reach completion.

Dr. Pistone has a highly experienced team of qualified doctors and nurses who are all experts in handling confidentiality as well as giving clear and direct responses to patients’ questions. Just by gatherings all of the necessary information, a patient will also increase his/her comfort level of going into the procedure.

There is vital information to know about the surgical procedure like Follicular Unit Transplantation and how it can change a patient’s life and it is also convered on Dr. Pistone’s website. There are also other concerns like Who is actually going to be performing the procedure? Who will be taking care of the preparation and implantation of the grafts? At Dr. Pistone Hair Restoration, all surgeries are performed by Dr. Pistone!!!!!


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