Friday, July 14, 2006

Public Transportation In San Fransisco

Since I love to write, I do research as well and one of things I always research about is travel ideas since I know many people love to travel and I like to share what I have learned. I have some distant relatives who live near that area and I hope to make it there someday and I would highly recommend others to visit there.

There is excellent transportation as far as travel to and from the airport. For more information on this you can visit the following website at That website has been in existance since 1996 and they provide transportation and travel information to both the locals and the visitors. I find that website very helpful and will look up more information in the future.

This website will add more information as far as knowledge about airport shuttles and limousine services. This will avoid having to make so many telephone calls to get route and service schedule and for those who want to use a limousine can go ahead and reserve one ahead of time and there will be a car waiting for you when you reach San Fransisco and for those who want to take the shuttle, you can have an idea to pace yourself so you can settle down once you reach there.

There is also other additional information available at this website that is very helpful.


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