Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Online Education

In today's day economy, it is now more important than ever to have more education than before. Competition is thougher than before and the higher the education and qualifications, the better chances of hiring. That means for many to go back and enroll in college courses to get a Bachelors degree or finish their degree requirements and in many cases go for a Masters degree since a Masters degree is now very marketable especially an MBA or a Masters in Health Care.

Many people had a hard time going back for college courses before of many factors like being tired after working a nine to five shift and then having to go to class, spending late nights and weekends doing homework and studying for tests, studying for finals when Holiday season preparations are a must and also trying to raise a family. Now there is a solution to all this.

One trend that is growing rapidly more than ever is online education and training. I can easily vouch for online courses since I once took many courses through my local online university. There are so many benefits and advantages to this. One is you don't have to worry about attending class two to three times a week or even every night like it use to be. You can now just log in and get the assignments and do your homework and work on your own schedule. When I took online courses, I made all As with flying colors. I was also in constant communcations with my instructor and my classmates since there were many group assignments we did just by communicating on the Internet and submitting them on the site.

Now University Of Phoenix has been offering online courses for quite a few years now and they offer a variety of programs whether you want a Bachelor's degree, Masters, or even a PhD. Certificate programs are also available. The programs available cover Business, Education, Health Care, Criminal Justice just to name a few.

Other online universities also include Colorado Tech, Devry, and Keller. Their tuition rates are lower and one can get a federal grant, loans, or scholarships. One can just get started simply by doing a search on schools and do a search by name, zip code, and degree or program and a counselor will contact you and start the application right away.

Once accepted, the program will be close to beginning or just about to begin and you can study at your own pace and yet finish in a good timing. Classes start every 4 to 8 weeks.

Here is a good website to check and browse,

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