Tuesday, July 25, 2006

An Easy Business To Run

If anyone wants an easy and fun business to run as well as with very little investment, ButtonBiz.com is the way to go since all there is to buy is the button making maching along with some designs that one may be interested in putting on their buttons.

Now if I went along with this, I would love to have a few designs like "Save Our Trees", "Stop Global Warming", "Deflate Gas Prices", "Buy American Made Items" and "Say No To Drugs". These are a just a few of the examples I have mentioned. The list can go one. By going to this website, there is a demo of how to use the machine: Button Maker . One gets to see how the buttons are made and there is an online catalog listed there along with the shopping cart feature. Then another useful website just to get ideas would be http://www.prickie.com/ . That website has many designs to choose from and it is easy to get creative with that.

There are no limits as to what type of buttons to make and the possibilities are endless. If one just wants to put graphics on there, that is a big possibility and buttons are also used to convey messages as well. They can be used to sell or just to give away to family and friends.

Another good part about this is it seems like a fun money maker and it looks like a big profit maker as well.

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