Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Superman Return

I had taped all the first four movies of this back when I had HBO many moons ago and then the ever beloved star of that movie had that horrendous accident and passed on which was one of the saddest days not only for Hollywood but for this country as well.

Then they found someone they thought looked like Christopher Reeve and have him do the Superman movie titling it Superman Returns and yes it is a very fitting title. Since that can be interpreted many different ways and I took it at first that yes Superman did die since we lost Christopher Reeve and then Superman comes back in someone else.

There is off course a Lex Luther in this just like what is Batman without the Joker...then there is Lois Lane and if you have not seen this movie, I have to tell you that you are in for some surprises. There are some sad scenes in this and when they played the theme song, I must say it was like hearing the ghost of Superman.

I saw this in a 3D IMAX for the maximum effects and just loved it and the previews to other movies were also in 3D. The whole movie is not in 3D, it is just certain scenes and you see a signal on the screen when it is time to put your glasses on.

Yes, I say this movie was not only worth my time but worth driving all the way several towns over to see it in 3D IMAX.


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