Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Place To Test Software

Now with so many websites and online companies in business it is important than ever to keep on top of the software that runs on the website to make sure nothing ever crashes. Many factors have to come into consideration in running a software, quality assurance is one of them, bugs are another thing since that can make the make the website inaccessible to many meaning that it will reduce clients and business.

This is the main reason why several companies that launch first put their program in Beta testing. Now you may wonder what Beta testing is. That is when a company first launces, they have to get a feel on what the feedback will be meaning not only how many visitors get to their site and how much bandwidth that site can handle but also if the visitors and clients can log in and utilize the website to the best of the capacity. In the event that there is not enough bandwidth nor capacity in the software to handle all the visitors, changes can be made in the program and bugs can be corrected to fix the problem thus one of the reasons for calling it Beta testing.

I took some computer courses in college and that was back when Fortran, Basic, and Cobol were the main languages and I did very well in those courses. I was able to use the knowledge I learned in those courses to work in a business environment and that was off course before the majority of the population had PCs at home much less the Internet.

My job was to not only help write the program but to help run a test thus running quality assurance and then get it approved before it was used in the company.

Now there is an online company that can run a test on a software to save a business plenty of time versus spending hours running tests on the software and it is located here, http://testrun.majordojo.com they will provide the quality assurance needed as well as the test run Beta. I am glad to know that if I need a software to use for an online business, that would definitely be the way for me to go.


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