Wednesday, July 19, 2006

History Of Aurora and DeKalb

Just the other day, I went to visit DeKalb since I like to go there for nostalgia and I once did live there a while back. I hadn't visited there in a while so I drove there the other day and spent a few hours there. I still think it is a very pretty and quaint little town. Northern Illinois University is located there and it is the barbed wire capitol of the world. There are a lot of old homes there and do I ever wish that I could own them.

What did I end up doing was checking out their real estate listings and and house prices and I saw it costs more to buy a home there than what it costs where I live to own a home and I don't live in a shack. LOL!!!! Now I was not really serious about moving to DeKalb, I just wanted to see how much their houses costs there and what all is available.

Now there is another town close by to DeKalb but it is in other counties (Kane, DuPage, Will, and Kendall all combined) instead of DeKalb county. It is The City Of Aurora that was founded in 1834 and then in 1837 it was incorporated into a city when their Post Office was established. Aurora is also called "The City Of Lights" because it is the first city in the United States to use electric street lights so within 15 miles of each other we see a lot history. Aurora is 45 miles southwest of Chicago and I just mentioned the street lights and then DeKalb is 60 miles west of Chicago and invented the barbed wire. DeKalb was also founded in the mid 1800s and has retained some of their old buildings.

Aurora now has a population of over 157,000 and houses six school districts and has two community colleges; college of DuPage being one of them.

The real estate market for Aurora includes condos, townhouses, single family houses and more. Single family properties have been sold for last year in the price range of $56,100 to $975,000. The condos and townhouses have ranged from $52,000 to $578,000. This is similar to prices with a Chicago Realtor .

Aurora is closest to the Fox Valley Park District. The Park Disrict covers 47 square miles of land and three different towns including Aurora. The Fox Valley Park District has golf courses, an aquatic center and a few fitness centers, plus much more.

Aurora also has a zoo that is open daily with free admission.

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