Friday, July 14, 2006

A Wonderful Source For Great Quotes

Since I share a great love for literature and I am also very spiritual, I love quotes no matter who it originated from. I found a great website where I can read quotes and they have highly motivational and inspirational quotes. Those quotes give me quite a bit to think about. Since I know all of you can use a lot of motivation, here is the wonderful website where you can read all the quotes you want, it is right here,

They have religious quotes, quotes for birthdays, Easter quotes, Christmas quotes, and quotes for pets among many other types.

I checked out the gardening quotes since I love to do gardening and I will state certain quotes from that section here..

One is "Dear old garden of long ago
Part of my childhood memories
Hollyhocks nod in your farthest row
Under the linden tress" This is by Bessie Sherman.

Another quote is this "I tend my flowers for thee" by the ever popular Emily Dickinson who I have always loved reading.

There is more than enough quotes there to keep you going and to keep you motivated, inspired and give you many thoughts to ponder and think about.


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