Friday, July 28, 2006

Facts About Web Searches

What really interests me about search engines is the results that come up when typing in a topic of my personal choice...yes we keep hearing of the Alexa ranking that goes by popularity of a website meaning the tabulations of the number of visitors everyday....

Now I just typed in flowers in the google search page since I want to read more on flowers...yes I know I keep doind entries on flowers and I have even confirmed that I have a flower by typing in flowers, the number one result is and then the three top results are FTD, ProFlowers, and Dot Flowers.

Now Google has begun beta testing their accessible web search for the visually challenged. this type of search, is available on Google’s experimental software site at . So on Google Accessible Search, the number one site for "flowers" is This is a UK site that is very well coded and is not even on the first page of results.

Now type in "online marketing" and the number one result is and it is the same result on on Google Accessible Search. The reason for this is the company created the USWeb site in Web Standards, and it is in compliance with Web Accessibility guidelines. Now when I do a search for another term “Internet marketing”, I see that strategy pays off even more with a #2 ranking on Google Accessible Search. Also I have noticed Wikipedia pop up very high on the fist page. Interesting, right!!!! You can even see these exact same results just by doing this search.

So I see it does make sense for Google to simply apply this to their current algorithm. Creating this barrier of clean code does weed out a lot of garbage. Also the blogs are often clean code because of the their design. So blogs will start to rank much higher. Another thing I learned is that sites like .gov and .edu sites are Web Accessible compliant by very strict policies.

I think that Google Accessible Search will soon be a major addition to Google’s primary search engine. One way to take advantage of that is to make the website very accessible.

Now I will go back to talking about a popular search engine marketing firm and that would be USWeb that is now an industry leader with a proven track record in search engine optimization. USWeb will optimize websites to ensure that that website achieves and maintains high rankings for certain keywords and is in the Internet's leading search engines and directories that includes Google, Inktomi, Yahoo, AOL, MSN.

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