Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Who Wants A Free iPod?

Now we are all into downloading music in a legit way off course since I know I paid for my membership and I off course want to download it to an outside source since my membership will expire next year. Now we all want iPods and there are so many "free iPod" offers out there but I have even noticed myself that there is a lot of fine print and one has to go climb a lot of fences and/or refer friends and I know one thing and that is that I cannot even give away anything much less refer someone else.

There finally is a site where there are no strings attached. Just go to Gulfstream Internet Group and enter your name and address and you are registered to win a free iPod. I just registered there myself. They give away a free iPod everyday and there is nothing to buy and no credit card needed and you don't have to refer friends. There is still an option to earn a free option by completing offers, taking surveys, or just printing coupons which are very useful.

Gulfstream Internet Group is the parent company of and they have been in business for seven years. They have given away over a thousand iPods so far.

Some search terms include iPod, mp3, and music download. Once again here is the site to visit,

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