Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Advantages Of Rhinoplasty

We all notice how great these celebs look and off course we find out later that they have had nose jobs or plastic surgery. Now there is information available on the Internet whether one just wants a nose job or rhinoplasty and it ia all available at .

Dr. Frankel who is mentioned at that website is very well known meticulous methods of achieving natural-looking results. He is a praciticing physician at the very well known Lasky Clinic in Los Angeles. Ever since it opened in 1980, Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty has always had a reputation for discreetness and excellence. The facility is equipped in the most modern way possible with private patient rooms, a recovery room, a large, AAAHC-accredited operating suite with three individual operating rooms, and several fully equipped exam rooms for post-operative care.

This clinic also serves as a place for those who have already had a nose job but were unhappy with the results. Los Angeles nose surgery specializes in rhinoplasty revisions, a procedure that repairs both the form and function of a nose that has previously been operated on. Bad rhinoplasties can be corrected here or even revised from a previous job. Deviated septum surgery, corrective nose surgery, and collapsed nose repairs can also be done here. Many patients have had several unsuccessful nasal surgeries can then go to this clinic where the problem can be corrected just by proper analysis, planning and technical skills of a qualified and expert surgeon like Dr. Frankel. These are a few of the advantages of rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills.

Dr. Frankel can provide best results no matter what the case can be like an irregularity is a small imperfection, a major deformity or even if a patien's nose looks like it has been “done,” Dr. Frankel is more than qualified to provide the results and make it look even more natural.

Also, a good aesthetic eye is critical in order to yield the best aesthetic outcome. Prior to surgery, there is sometimes lab work done along with a letter of medical clearance from an internist. Revision rhinoplasty surgical procedures start with the evaluation phase, during which Dr. Frankel discusses with the patient the overall changes that take place. The sessions also involve a thorough understanding of normal nasal anatomy, which is essential in order to determine what abnormal structures and distortions have resulted from previous surgery. Dr. Frankel is very conscious of the details required of an excellent rhinoplasty job that requires intense concentration, superior technique, appreciation for nasal function, aesthetic judgment, and the ability to communicate with the patient.


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