Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Downloading Music....

I first started with Napster and then found there were not many songs as some of the other companies have and that I was paying a lot more so I switched to Frostwire and got a much better deal and I have more songs that I can download.

Now the catch to downloading is that one has to have the artist or the song title and as I found out last night, even that was not enough.

Now there was a scene in the movie City By The Sea that had a restaurant scene and the jukebox was playing something from the 1950s and I never knew the name of it, so I just did a soundtrack search for City By The Sea and then found it and when I typed it in my search for the music downloading nothing valid came up. So I had to do some more sleuthing until I could come up with more information and then my search finally proved fruitful.

Now I have to get my iPod.

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