Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Computers And Electronics Are Very Easy.

I admit I learned computers and electronics at a very early age so nothing every intimidated about neither but for my mother and others in her age group, it gets hard for them to learn and to get acclimated to so I never mind showing them. For my DH's parents who have never owned a computer and the first amount of high sums I get in the bank, I will buy them a home PC and teach them everything.

Now DH's mother told me just the other day that digital cameras intimade her and I showed her how to use it and how easy it is. High tech is pretty much taking over so I feel we should all learn and it is not hard and there are many tutorials on the Internet available. Here is one site that speaks of high tech items, high tech gadgets . Then here is the main site for the tutorials, http://electronics.newbie.org . It is a great site for all newbies.

I do much of my research on the computer and I learn many things just reading online and then learning about all the new gadgets available.

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